2019 Message: Just Push The Button and Be Your Self

be your self

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Happy New Year! Lisa Natoli here.

Here is a Facebook video I did on New Years Day, January 1, 2019.

It’s my New Year’s message: Just push the button. Just show up. And be yourself. Don’t worry if you think you’re not ready. YOU ARE READY. Don’t worry if it’s messy. Just show up. Forget resolutions.

Simply be your adorable lovable bright radiant creative Self and shine that light you are.

Your holiness is all you need. It's the answer to every question. It's the answer to every difficulty. It's the answer to every problem. Click To Tweet

I don’t make resolutions. I gave that up a long time ago. Almost all resolutions are nothing more than an attempt to fix or improve the body and I’m not a body. I don’t care about improving the body. I don’t care about improving my life. I simply wanted to know my Self as light and love, so that became my focus and it’s been that way ever since.

In this video, I tell a story about making a decision to embody Christ.

Christ is what you are without all your fear-baggage, attack thoughts about yourself and others, grievances, resentments and judgments.

How about letting 2019 be the year you train your mind to know yourself as love, to know yourself as Christ, to know yourself as light, to recognize your holiness, to know your innocence.

You are perfect

You're perfect and the world needs your expression, it needs your love, it needs you just the way you are. Go shine your light. Click To Tweet

We would love to hear from you! Think about these three questions and post in the comment area below.

How are you going to “push the button” this year?

What attribute will you begin to embody?

Choose a word for 2019. What is it?

Let 2019 be a year of transformation – a year to know your Self as light, one with God and one with everyone.



Here are the links I talk about in this video:

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15 Comments on “2019 Message: Just Push The Button and Be Your Self”

  1. Oh, Lisa, your messages are always soooo wonderful and clear! I am so grateful to have you in my life!
    I am going to push the button this year by staying committed to showing up as the Truth of what I am
    The attribute I will begin to embody is my innocence
    My word for 2019 is Flow. I am going to Flow my love and light like never before!!!
    Woot woot!!!!
    Love you and all my brothers and sisters

    1. Thank you for this inspiring video, it has helped me to clarify how to go about making this year one in which I can be more my true self. I recognize that much of my continual striving is connected to making up for perceived errors in the past, and so my word for 2019 is “innocent” and the attribute I will embody is joy, joy in the knowledge that there is nothing that needs forgiving or made up for, that I can rest from all the striving, that all I need to be is my true self. I am so happy, not happy in the fleeting way that the world knows, but happy in a way that is true and eternal and real. Bless you and your ministry. Pat Boudreau

  2. I love it! Sharing the true wealth. It’s a big endless pie where the more you give it to others, the more of it there is XOX

  3. Free is my word, no expectations to be more than I already am
    I love you Lisa , TOG folk, all persons

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I love you too. You helped me in understanding the Course in miracles so much. Your ACIM 365 daily messages have given me many aha moments. I’m all in again and I can’t get enough of it.
    My word for 2019 is PRESENCE., to feel centered in the seat of my soul, in Christ.
    Bill Free has also done wonders for me in this respect, he is also living proof of what he speaks of.
    Looking forward to another year with The Teacher’s of God Foundation.


  5. Hello Lisa, you are such a light in my life these days <3 I'm Going to be curious this year, it will help to get me out of my own way and show up on the page. I love the idea of "how can I be helpful", not sure if that was you or Kimberly in the interview I just heard? you both were equally amazing in that! And finally my word sis exuberant! Lets see how that plays out this year 🙂

  6. 1. Supporting (a move of The Hole Spirit) in Chile to accumulate in a Christ Dedication for (hopefully) millions…
    2. Selflessness, more light and love…
    3. Limitless…

  7. Thank you Lisa! I am pushing the button of fearlessness, in the form of no longer hiding behind littleness! I am embodying the Power of God flowing through me as Light, Love, and Joy. My word for 2019 is AUDACIOUS. ❤️

  8. Freedom is my word and I look forward to seeing what this 40 day process brings to me. Thank you Lisa

  9. Thank you for the LOVE, Lisa!!!

    I had the thought to choose “Christ” as my word for 2019, but then I thought, “you can’t do that!” – still playing small, I guess. And then I see You Did It!!! Your example of how to show up truly inspires! Okay: CHRIST is my word – this year, now, forever.

    I love your circle necklace – with or without the “C”. We know the meaning you have made of it. I do the jewelry-reminder-thingy as well. For a couple of years now I have worn a Peace sign necklace. Some people remark that they like it, others call me a Hippie. Whatever. I use it to remind me to be peaceful, center myself in Peace – it’s the Circle I stand in!

  10. Lisa, you are a true delight! I love the way you teach so simplistically. When I first met ACIM, I was like – oh no! This is too difficult and contradictory to the Bible. But the HS had other ideas. Slowly, my hardness, cynicism and criticism dissolved, and I was all of a sudden the – what if this is it? person. So happy to have the TGF in my awareness. So, to answer your three questions – 1 = push the button – I will just show up exactly as the HS would have me show up. 2 = I will embody the JOY of Christ Consciousness, and, 3 = my word for 2019 is JOY! Blessings to us all xxxx Thanks again Lisa for all that you are, all that you do and all that you mean to me (even if everything is meaningless 🙂 ) xxxx

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