Anger and Resentment Block the Light in You

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My husband Bill Free and I watched the movie “RBG” this past Sunday night about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

This movie (and her life) is Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. and WOW.

Bill saw the movie a week earlier on a plane to California and when he got home he said: “Lisa, you have just GOT TO see this movie. You will love it. You will seriously love it. I know you. I’ll watch it with you.”

I said to him: “Well. You saw it already. I can watch it by myself.” He said “I want to see it again … WITH YOU.”

Haha. I love this man, Bill Free. By his excitement, I knew there must be something really special about this movie.

We watched it together on Sunday night and WOW. I was just blown away in gratitude, joy and love by what one person can do with the help of others.

I don’t know what rock my head has been under but I didn’t know at all what Ruth Bader Ginsberg has done for women’s rights and equality. What a powerhouse. What a light. What an inspiration for what happens when you are just yourself, taking the next step in front of you and having the courage to speak up and use your voice.

She did everything with kindness and grace, while at the same time staying clear in her mastery, knowing her ultimate goal to change the way things were being done. She knew what she was doing and was deliberate about it.

There are so many things about this movie that I absolutely love that don’t even know where to start.

I guess I’ll start with my favorite thing of all: that she made all these monumental changes with the help of MEN.

I just love that. She didn’t do it alone.

I know that all important changes that occur happen with COLLABORATION and JOINING.

A Course in Miracles reminds us that all sickness and fear and sorrow is a result of separation, a result of doing things alone, by yourself: without God, without others, without our True Self.

I also love the two pieces of advice Ruth’s mom’s gave to her:

Act like a lady and Be independent.

“Act like a lady means don’t be distracted by emotions like anger, envy, resentment. These just zap energy and waste time.” -Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Here is a 2 minute video clip in her own words:


I love this advice because it really shows that we all have the ability to notice anger, envy, resentment, doubt and grievances and NOT GO THERE.

When you recognize these emotions “just zap energy and waste time” you will never go there again.

A Course in Miracles describes it in this way:

“Your grievances hide the light of the world in you.”

Do you really want to keep doing that?

You may have thought (as many people think) “I can’t help it.”

People really think they can’t help but be angry, sad, depressed, with resentments.

I love A Course in Miracles because it’s a way to train your mind in a systematic way to a different perception of everyone and everything in the world.

It’s a way to train your mind to stay in joy, gratitude and peace.
I’m not distracted anymore by anger (doubt, sadness, envy, fear) because I, like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, know it “just zaps energy and wastes time.”

I don’t want to block the light of the world in me anymore. I want this light to flow!

So I no longer hold onto grievances because I know it blocks the light.

Sometimes I’m still triggered by things I see and hear in the world, but I’ve trained my mind sufficiently to STAY STILL in the middle of chaos, and now I can be truly helpful to be available to those in sorrow, pain and fear.

This is a practice that anyone can learn.

No matter what happens in life, you can stay centered in the peace and and joy and love that you are.

You can develop the ability to stay happy, no matter what.

Happiness doesn’t happen because of external events. Happiness is what you are. It is the Self that you are. Click To Tweet

Your True Self as Love as you were created.

And then, when you are connected in truth, you may find yourself in front of events where your voice and light can make a difference.

When I watched the movie RGB, I marveled at how Ruth Bader Ginsberg wasn’t really “doing” anything. She wasn’t trying ot change the world. She wanted to go to Harvard during a time when women mostly didn’t go there, and she wanted to go. And she didn’t back away from the fear of that.

And Ruth’s entire life has been one of just doing the next thing in front of her. One step at a time, accepting the help from the others that was available to her.

My other favorite thing, and I’ll close on this, is how she has touched the hearts and minds of young people.

I’m sure she’s completely surprised to find herself as a role model and icon – being called Notorious R.B.G. – and having her face on coffee mugs, t-shirts, as tattoos, plastered all over social media.

She is the quiet tiny little unassuming woman, with a love for truth.

I wanted to share this with you in the hopes that it gets you thinking about your own life.

What’s in front of you that may require to enter through fear?

Is there something in your life where you are being called, but you are holding back because it might be uncomfortable?

What is it?

We would love to hear from you! Please post in the comments below! Remember that thousands of people come through this website every week and your words of what you do in the face of fear and anger can be a light in the dark for someone else.
If you have not walked through your fear yet, ask yourself: Do you really want to continue to stay in “your comfort zone” just because it’s well, comfortable?

Post your comments below.

My advice is always the same to anyone who is still struggling: Get a copy of A Course in Miracles and do what it says.

Train your mind to see all the mind activity: anger, fear, doubt, resentments and realize that you have the power and ability to stay centered in stillness and peace.

I loved watching Ruth Bader Ginsberg (in this movie RGB) as she was shown a clip of Saturday Night Live making fun of her. You know what she did as she watched? Laughed in genuine joy! She thought it was funny and I love that.

I loved that she showed her humanity as criticized Donald Trump in 2016 and then in true grace, apologized in a way where you can tell she really saw her mistake, and genuinely wanted to correct it in herself.

Through these examples, you can begin to acknowledge how you can stay awake and aware of your own thoughts, emotions and actions – and then do something to correct them.

Which is exactly the training of A Course in Miracles.

You can truly reach a place where you can stay centered in grace and happiness, no matter what.

Lisa Natoli is a teacher, writer, healer and messenger of God. She is the Creator of The Free 40-Day Program for Transformation as well as the Founder of The Healing Cure, online training for True Healing.

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11 Comments on “Anger and Resentment Block the Light in You”

  1. Such a great post!!! So many gems in here! I love RBG as a beautiful role model and I never knew anything about her either, Lisa! The movie was an amazing example of all that you shared. I know the place in me where I stay small, quiet and comfortable. It is at work. I want to bring more Mindfulness techniques, brain research information for teaching and learning, etc., for the students in my school. My old habitual timidity is keeping me from putting myself “out there”in front of my more conservative, not so open minded colleagues. I have an opportunity in the veru near future to bring students together and practice techniques before the big standardize testing begins. I NEED TO DO THIS!
    I have to trust it is mine given to do and I do not walk alone ! So, put my big girl panties on NOW!

  2. Like you I had no idea what a national treasure we had with RBG! I love her strength, work ethic, courage, wisdom, stamina, class, and integrity. I too, was blown away by the film of her life. I would proudly wear an RBG t shirt. RBG, MLK, OAC, all the way!

  3. I love your enthusiasm for life and deep appreciation for people Lisa. When you’re all in everyone and everything around you lights up. You’re the RBG of the ACIM! 💕❤️🙏

  4. I love how all the things I really loved about this movie you noticed them too….Her husband Marty and his love and true conviction in her and her “brain” and her Mother’s advice…ACIM was pinging all over as I watched this. I also watched it on the plane going to Mexico and I had to keep the tissues out, I was so moved.
    One more thing she won 5 out of 6 cases she argued in front of the Supreme Court, huge deal for sure.

  5. I too had no idea what she had done!! I was on a plane to Puerto Rico with my daughter and she said Mom, we have to watch this and I was blown away, like you and Bill. She is indeed such a role model for young people and I was dismayed that I had not heard what she had done but my daughter did!
    On that plane ride and watching that movie, I was reminded of all that I learned from ACIM and You and that 2-week trip with extended family, that might have otherwise been stressful sometimes, became a magical time as I went into stillness and remembered who I was – the Light of the World!
    Like another poster said, You are our RGB!

  6. So I am going to write this and I am sure that it will not be in the vein of what others will write. Rather than ignore those feelings of anger ..and the like. I say explore them…honor them. They probably come from a history of being wronged and kicking them to the rear will not make them go away . Honor that child in you that feels alone and separate and treasure her or him. Listen to what is causing these feelings and then…by comforting and nurturing yourself…perhaps you can move forward. As you finally do right by yourself and honor your own injustice you can honor the injustice experienced by others and from that place make a contribution.
    You cannot minimize your own pain and move honestly In the world.
    RBG may have come from a loving home…where that movement was easier. Where self recognition was attainable without having to go through this kind of work. For many of us attaining self love is the first step in this journey and cannot be skipped over.
    I honestly believe this kind of post is not only unhelpful but detrimental as it makes people feel guilty and ashamed for feelings that are natural. Ultimately just creating more self-doubt and anger.
    It has taken me many years to come to this place. Forcing positivity without supporting people in what they’re going through doesn’t work…it is dishonest, disrespectful and mean.

      1. Hi Elyse,

        I will answer for what I think the Course would say in part.

        I would say Miriam’s point of view makes sense and may be widely shared by an audience not familiar with A Course in Miracles or it’s teaching. A Course in Miracles is a way of looking at everything you see in this world with new perception so that you are no longer driven by your false projections, fears, doubts, worry, anger, guilt and shame which I think was the basis for RBG’s, Mother’s wisdom even though she was way before the course.

        When you are drawn to these debilitating emotions there are practice steps, workbook lessons within the course teaching that help you to take responsibility for the experience you are perceiving with total honesty so that you no longer suffer from your own devices. The Course says that anger is never justified. Why?

        Not because you are guilty. But because it is a signal from a more prominent cause.

        Now you can look at the root of the problem or percieved problem.

        You believe you are separate from your source (God, Spirit, Love) and your brother (the one you are angry with) which also means you believe you are separate from yourself and you are angry about it.

        You couldn’t stand the feeling of being guilty for that so you project it out onto someone else so they can be responsible for the way you feel. You can never find the real source of the problem by nuturing and comforting the emotions. She is right that you need to honor them and bring them close in order to own them and recognize they only have the power that you give to them.

        The teaching that understands this and the practice lessons that help to undo these blocks is A Course in Miracles. RBG was living the course and probably never even heard of it.


        Bill Free

  7. Thank you for sharing about this role model of magnitude and grace. I knew nothing about RBG. I do know I always love your perspective of what you see. With appreciation for being truly helpful and inspiring us to be our true Selves.

  8. I just love reading how you Lisa, honor the light in all. I’ve never heard of this lady but will see the movie. It sounds beautiful. I love the part that RBG worked from a place of light and not anger. She was aware and grounded. Beautiful story. Thank you for posting this. Namaste”

  9. Oh my goodness!! This article is just what I needed! At the moment I feel called to work with kids using ACIM. I feel such joy, peace and love when I sit and work it out on paper and in my head but the thought of actually taking those steps creates a lot of fear. I know this article was God speaking… no more playing small, no more being held hostage by fear! As the Holy Child of. God, there is nothing to fear! Thank you!!! Xox

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