“Ask and you shall receive… Meaningful time with Marianne Williamson”

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On Sunday, September 27th, Marianne Williamson was keynote speaker at the Pure Presence Summit, a virtual, global gathering featuring some of the most compelling wisdom teachers of our time. The summit theme was “abiding in love’s Presence,” and each speaker, including Marianne, presented in ways that captured the essence of this theme. In addition to hosting a few of the speakers, I had the opportunity to attend several of the summit sessions. A few unexpected shifts in my schedule allowed me to attend Marianne’s keynote and I was thrilled.

I discovered A Course in Miracles nearly thirty years ago and Marianne’s book, “A Return to Love” was the catalyst through which the course began to make sense to me. I have closely followed her and her career and in many ways, she remains my most beloved teacher.

Marianne’s 75-minute keynote presentation is inspiring and compelling for many different reasons. However, this session was particularly potent for me and marks a moment in time that I will likely never forget.

I was astounded to have been chosen to engage Marianne during her session. Heaviest on my mind when I was chosen to interact with her was how the course principals might be applied to divorce. I was curious about how she might apply course principals when life circumstances become heated, contentious, laden with fear, hurt, and the pain of loss. Although I wear a brave face, there are times when I think that I won’t survive divorcing and the suffering associated with it. However, whenever I feel as if I am marinating in hurt, loss, and anxiety and feeling afraid of the anger associated with the divorcing dynamic—I often experience the grace of the reminder that I am wearing the wrong “lens.” When I am suffering, afraid or angered—I am wearing the lens of fear, believing wholeheartedly in “separation,” and forgetting—absolutely forgetting to see the innocence of my husband’s soul and my own.

Dwelling in fear is the result of forgetting.

Remembering is the only way out.

This shift in perception is the miracle.

Earlier in the day, Lesson 28 was on my mind. It reads: “Above all else, I want to see things differently.” As I heard myself engaging with Marianne, I realized that this is what I was asking of her: “Marianne…above all else, I want to see things differently…please show me how.” Although I did not use these exact words, this is what I was asking for.  She heard what was needed at a very deep level. What I received in response, far surpassed my expectations.

When I asked Marianne about how we can apply course principals to messy situations such as divorce, her response was cast as a guided meditation that continues to take my breath away.

I urge you to allow yourself the experience of the mediation as you listen to the link included here. Prior to listening, I invite you to choose to focus on someone with whom you are having difficulties. Allow Marianne to guide you through this meditative experience within which you will clearly “see” (through visualization) and feel the Truth—the utter Truth.

My dear friends, I so strongly felt a healing here. It brought me to tears. And as the Course suggests—as I heal, so do my brothers and sisters. We are of the one Sonship.

Divorce, separation, and loss might seem to “exist” on the physical plane but in Truth—we can never, ever be separated. During this guided meditation, when you experience the moment of “joining,” you will feel the Truth of non-duality and the impossibility of separation in your bones. And best of all—you will connect to the Truth and the beauty of your brother’s innocence and you will remember your own.

This is indeed the shortest blog I have ever composed but the guided meditation is truly the message and the gift I wish to share here. I invite you to watch Marianne’s entire presentation, but if you are reading and feel called to experience this meditation sooner than later, just fast-forward to 27:28 and you will see and experience the meditation segment.

If you are feeling held tight in the grip of fear related to another person, or feeling the ache of loss and separation, or if you wish to gently shift into the willingness needed to forgive, please give this meditation a serious listen. Click here to listen or watch below.



Want to learn more about the Pure Presence Summit? Click here to learn more about the summit and how to access the replays of the event.


Dr. Christine E. Kiesinger serves as Vice President of Development (USA) and Lead Facilitator of Emotional Intelligence and Conscious Communication at studio BE. She is also a long-time yoga and meditation teacher and a life-long student of A Course in Miracles. Christine is devoted to the practical application of course in everyday life.

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One Comment on ““Ask and you shall receive… Meaningful time with Marianne Williamson””

  1. thank you so much for posting this powerful healing moment Christine. it was a highlight of the Summit for me. Marianne’s meditation represents the heart of the forgiveness practice as i have experienced it, when guided by the Inner Teacher – Holy Spirit ~ a release, blessing, and joining in the Oneness of God’s Love… an engulfing of the miracle as it gently dissolves personal identity. i can see now, looking back over the past few years, how these frequent and many times very brief Holy Encounters have prepared my mind for the integration into Christ Presence, the Pure Awareness that i am now tasting.

    when forgiveness is practiced with Holy Guidance, day to day, including release, blessing and joining ~ these powerful little daily miracles bring us home to our Self. our Oneness.

    thank you ever dearest sister for sharing with us your question in that beautiful moment of coming together.

    endless Love, nicci

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