Lisa Natoli – The Power of the Spoken Word to Accomplish What You Please

Lisa Natoli - blog 5.11.22

Check out the sample clip below from Lisa Natoli, describing a simple life-changing practice… “When you stop trying to fix, change, heal, improve the body, the Self that you are — your wholeness.. starts to come through.” Lisa will be offering a live, interactive workshop this coming Sunday May 15th from 12pm to 2pm — The Power of the Spoken … Read More

Diederik Wolsak – Choose Again: Six Steps to Freedom

Diederik Wolsak - Choose Again - blog 5.4.22

What does it take for us to live in peace and harmony with each other? In this interview from the Awareness Podcast with host Susan Telford, Diederik Wolsak — author of “Choose Again: Six Steps to Freedom” — shares the powerful simplicity of this life-changing process. Diederik is the current presenter in “The Integrated Awakening Series”… Click here to find … Read More

Tom Das: Freedom from Suffering

Tom Das - blog 4.26.22

“Liberation is your choice… Do you want to be in the dream? Or do you want to wake up from the dream?” Hear insights from Tom Das on how we can be totally free from all multiplicity, all duality — a glimpse of his workshop at the recent Know ThySelf Conference. Did you miss the Know ThySelf Conference? Or maybe … Read More

Carol Howe: Resolving Emotional Distress

“I am never upset for the reason I think…” Carol Howe shares her insights on resolving emotional distress — the answer to anything that we think is the problem — a preview of her upcoming workshop at the Know ThySelf Conference. Carol Howe will be teaching a session related to this topic on April 24, 2022 @ 3:00 PM EDT … Read More

Amoda Maa: The “I” in the Midst of the Storm

Amoda Maa blog 4.12.22

In this interview with host Bill Free, Amoda Maa speaks about the awakening journey to what the True Self is, the essential “I” — leading to self-realization, transformation of consciousness, and going to the Source of peace… a preview of her upcoming workshop at the Know ThySelf Conference. Amoda Maa will be teaching a 90-minute session, “The “I” in the … Read More

Diederik Wolsak: Is Trauma a LifeSentence?

Diederik Wolsak blog 4.5.22

Hear Diederik Wolsak speak about a different approach to healing trauma — the topic of his upcoming workshop at the Know ThySelf Conference. Diederik is the originator of the transformative “Choose Again: 6 Steps to Freedom” process which helps to remove blocks to happiness and peace in a gentle and loving way… Diederik Wolsak will be teaching a 90-minute session, … Read More

Jeff Bailey & Avita Yoga: Using False Self to Know True Self

Jeff Bailey - Avita Yoga - blog 3.29.22

Jeff Bailey shares about the profound healing practice of Avita Yoga and how it can reclaim movement, health and stability… Jeff Bailey will be teaching a 90-minute session, “Using False Self to Know True Self” on April 23, 2022, 6:00 PM EDT at the Know ThySelf Conference: The Way of Peace and Happiness. (FREE to attend live!)

Aaron Abke: The I AM State

Listen in on this informative session with Bill Free interviewing Aaron Abke… Aaron Abke will be teaching a 90-minute session, “The I AM State” on April 24, 2022, 10:45 AM EDT at the Know ThySelf Conference: The Way of Peace and Happiness. (FREE to attend live!)

Rupert Spira: What Lies at the Heart of All the Great Spiritual Traditions?

Rupert Spira blog post 3.8.22

In this 90-minute video below, Rupert explores the perennial, nondual understanding that lies at the heart of all the great religious and spiritual traditions, such as Advaita Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, Zen, etc., and which is also the direct, ever-present reality of our own experience. This is a contemporary, experiential approach involving silent meditation, guided meditation … Read More

The Four Principles of God

Regina Dawn Akers - The Four Principles of God: A Model that Points to Truth 3.1.22

“Whatever comes, you just be with it… you only have to be willing to BE, everything else takes care of itself… I would always recommend to take all thinking out of it, even spiritual thinking… it’s about being…” — Regina Dawn Akers In this recent interview with host Cyndi Krupp, Regina Dawn Akers shares her understanding of “The Four Principles … Read More