Coming With Empty Open Arms to God

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 What’s in This Video:

(Chris Casanovas’ Notes)

Fearful perceptions with adjoining emotions arising can be very difficult. This can show up as anxiety, depression, and anger. These can be deeply ingrained and habitual.

You can prevent getting hooked into these emotions, not allowing them to take over in your mind.

These egoic-reactions can be transformed to wisdom.

Fearful perceptions can also poison our relationship with our Selves and with others. It can emit a black cloud around us.

They are energy that are arising that’s been conditioned for many years in the mind. The Buddha believed for many lifetimes by perceptions and habit.

We name them and label them. This is my energetic experience of anger for example. And then we have a story about them. That’s why they feel powerful and difficult to let go.

We create our own Karma when we identify with this egoic experience.

It has its own momentum.

Another reason why these egoic-reactions are so challenging, is because we have a reaction to them. We just don’t want to feel that way.

Another reason is because we have an attachment to the perceptions we made. They explain why we feel the way we feel.

So how can we change the way we relate to the experience of the ego?

You can have a spacious and kind relationship with it and accept it as it is.

Two obstacles to this relationship are:

  1. We believe the reaction is us.
  2. Blaming external circumstances.

When something happens that we don’t want or something we wanted doesn’t happen we get triggered. It doesn’t matter what the trigger is.

We are not at the mercy of what happens to us.

We can develop a liberating relationship to the egoic triggers.

You can witness emotional bubbles of thoughts. You can let them pass and dissolve.

All we are is space and energy.

We can witness them arise and pass away.

The body is the best tool to liberate ourselves from the ego. It reflects its activity.

You are not the body
You are not the body, you are free. You are the spirit within this body. Click To Tweet

How do we use the body to liberate ourselves from these difficult perceptions and energetic reactions?

It takes courage and gentleness.

Tune to how it arises in the body and where are you experiencing it within.

Let yourself rest with that feeling. Just sit with it as if you were sitting with a friend. Don’t try to make it go away and don’t try to change it. Just sit with it and give it the space to be there.

The emotional energy of the ego is entangled with it’s fearful thoughts.

You can start to untangle the emotional energy from the thoughts.

When you bring that emotional energy in the foreground the thoughts start going to the background.

You can witness it’s impermanence arising, and passing away.

You’re not at the mercy of the difficult egoic emotion.

You become the gentle host of it.

You don’t need to do anything, it will liberate itself.

It’s quite liberating. It puts the power in our hands not in the difficult emotion or the outside circumstance that triggered us.


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11 Comments on “Coming With Empty Open Arms to God”

    1. Thank you Helen. I appreciate that it was clear and simple for you. That was my intention. Have a blessed day.


  1. when chris brought up the belittling email situation it reminded me of the only person i ever encountered that i perceived that from. It had been so long that today (in my 40 day exercise for grievances) i left him out.
    So I stopped the video and focused on holding his face and saying, i would see you as my friend that i may remember you are part of me and come to know myself. and i spirit , outside of me could feel a completeness when the separateness dissolved, and i expanded!!! and cried. thank you for the 40 day thing . love always , thea.

    1. Great decision to apply this principle in the course and to bless that person. I’m so glad that the separation dissolved. Keep expanding!


  2. Heartfelt thanks to Chris Casanovas for the multitude of helpful words that he presented. As a longtime student of yoga meditation and ACIM, I appreciated every bit of truth given here. And thanks for a most brilliant introduction, as well as overview, by Lisa.

    1. Thank you going for taking the time to give us that feedback. I’m so glad that yoga meditation and acim is your past also.

  3. Chris that was so inspiring. I love what you did with step 10, 11, + 12 love listening to you ❤ meditation was great 🙏

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