Do You Have the Courage to Be Free?

courage to be free

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”
– Attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder, Hopi Nation

Everyone we admire and respect, who made significant contributions to our world in terms of peace and freedom were and are radicals, heretics and maladjusted.

Think about Jesus, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Llama, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc.

All of them are radical, heretical and maladjusted. And all of them became that way by making a decision to cross the river of change.

The decision itself was a radical decision, and it is radical because no one who believes they are in the world and of the world wants to make this decision.

When Jesus says in the lesson “I want the peace of God” that few have said those words and truly meant them and we need only look around us to see how very few they are, this decision that the radical makes is just like that. Very few actually do it. That is why we can remember the names of those who made the decision for true freedom, and they make a deep and lasting impression on our minds. They all made this one decision to cross the river of change and take complete and total responsibility for their experience.

It seems paradoxical that freedom is the result of responsibility. We are led to believe through SUV commercials on television that freedom is driving our vehicles wherever we feel like it and leaving the “world” behind.

But, freedom actually is the result of total responsibility for every choice that affects our life, even when it appears that we didn’t make the choice. That is the total responsibility that all radicals take, and it is this uncompromising and absolute way of being responsible that catapults us out of the every day victim mentality and into a place of pure power and strength.

If you are tempted to blame, or there is a way that you are wanting to play the victim card, watch the video and let yourself be lifted. Jump into Jesus’ arms. Cross the river of change. Have the courage to be free.

Watch this video and learn the three step freedom formula that Jesus used himself to cross the river of change and become totally free.

The Courage To Be Free

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If you want a Guide to lead you across the river of change, do the Teachers of God Foundation 40-Day Program for Transformation. Just as Jesus went into the desert as the son of man and emerged 40 days later as the Son of God, the 40-Day Program will transform your life. It’s your time.

Readings and References in the video are from:

  • The Radical King, a compilation of Dr. King’s speeches edited and introduced by Cornel West. I highly recommend the audiobook version of The Radical King, featuring wonderful voices reading the speeches.
  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Written By Himself.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Do you have the courage to be free?

Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you are ready to be free as well as any other takeaways you had from this post, or any questions you have.

I love you,


Kimberly Cartwright

Kimberly Cartwright, Teachers of God Foundation



34 Comments on “Do You Have the Courage to Be Free?”

  1. Hi Kimberly, thank you for your letter.
      I’m going straight to your question and I answer.
    YES! I have the courage to be free. My journey across the river began in 1990. And I still wade over the river, as long as needed until I’m completely free. I’ve done the 40-day program, now I’m making true prosperity.
    I love what you talked about in the video, watched it two weeks ago. Wow! I say !
    I’m grateful that I’ve got to know your video, your speech went straight into my heart.
    I continue to follow you all teachers on Fridays Lifestreem. Loves to be part of this collection of brave souls.

    Best regards / Miro

  2. Kimberly, this was such a wonderful teaching!! Thank you so much! I am reaching into my heart and realizing that the riches, the kindness, the peace, the love, and the compassion are already mine! ! I AM READY TO BE FREE!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Kim, I’m at a very trying time in my life and I want you to know you are an amazing inspiration to me. Your talk brought me tears and moved me in very significant and powerful ways. Thank you so so much. Cheers to the inner rebel! We got this!!! Love!

    1. The examples of Dr. King, Frederick Douglas, His Holiness the Dalai Llama, and Nelson Mandela brought me to tears, and still do. They remind me of what I truly am without any limitations. I am so grateful for their example, and grateful that you are here, and you are lifting yourself up!

  4. Thank You so much Kimberley for this very inspiring video class…. It’s speaks to me very deeply because…. YES I am and have been in the River of change for many years…. but I know now where I am still holding on to the story…. thanks once again for this reminder and for sharing the stories of all these wonderful and resilient warriors of the world…. Namaste

    1. Hi Diane,
      Namaste to you!!!!! Thank-you for sharing your story!!!!!
      Love and light to you!!!!!

    2. Knowing where we are holding on to our story is super important, and the more we can get to know what we are holding on to, the quicker we recognize we are doing it, and the easier and easier it becomes to let go. Awesome for you!! xoxoxoxoxo, k

  5. Yes! I have the Courage to Truly be Free! I welcome the monikers of ‘radical’, ‘heretical’, ‘maladjusted’. I am so grateful to have meet you and to have been present on the day of this wonderful gift of teaching. Your emotional energy filled the room and everyone in the room that day and that energy is renewed/refreshed whenever I think of it. Blessings, Peace and Love. James

    1. Today I entered the river after sitting on the shore suffering, longing to live my truth, and honouring my truth deep inside myself that I will lift up and take with me to the top of the mountain …. I am grateful to god for allowing me to travel this journey as hard as it has been….. I have freely let go of this chapter in my life as lessons in order to come out powerful on the other side. I will stand in empowerment and celebrate this new new life in front of me and reinvent a beautiful loving , peaceful spirit that lies within me that deserve all that life has to offer on my terms that live in my heart and soul since birth…. Wake Up ….Wake Up , Wake Up ……I am alive…… today I give my offerings to the earth …….. which is going to allow me to live freely….. today I believe I am exactly where I needed to be ……with you in this Big Jump……… with love and gratitude from Regina, Saskatchewan Canada ……. I am Gloriously at Peace ……Love Sandi

      1. I feel you, Sister!! I feel you knowing you are worthy! You are worthy!! To the degree that you suffered and changed poison into medicine, you SHINE!! You have much to share. BIG LIGHT!
        I love you, xoxoxoxox, k

  6. ThAnkyou so much Kimberly,
    I just had a very moving Spiritual Experience while listening to the replay of this teaching. Im so Blessed in my Heart Soul *Mind & Spirit☆☆☆ I know that Im in the Deep Waters of Spiritual & Personal Transformation with the LOVE OF MY LIFE YESHUA -WHO IS LIVING INSIDE OF ME. I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, I NO LONGER WALK IN DARKNESS, I AM FREE ♡♡♡
    Blessings to you my sister in Christ♡

  7. Kimberly…I was inspired beyond belief, not a spare word said ,the Holy spirit spoke through you,,,,you are moving mountains and you are moving mine.bless you.

  8. Kimberly, Thank you for the empowering talk! You are a beautiful example of someone who has been willing to fearlessly embrace the teachings and have jumped right in. I too am willing to say YES and to have God ‘use me’ in whatever way I am to serve. Thanks for embodying the example of this and reminding us all of the commitment required.

  9. I love you Kimberly! Your light is so apparent. I feel honored to have been able to hear your wonderful, courageous message. I am also so impressed with the courage of MLK and loved that you spoke about him. Thank you so much.

    1. Dearest Beloved Mary- I love you, and I feel blessed that we are here together at this time to do even greater things than Joshua, and MLK! YES!!! That is how radical we are!! I love you, xoxoxoxo,k

  10. Blessing Desr Soul Sister, perfect timing as i am in the midst the river of responsibility and discernment. Rising up to the calling of my Soul, reaching out to my destiny!
    Thanks for sharing your passion in telling this story as it gives motion to feelings of the heart. Truly the greatest transformer of all !
    Much love and light blessings ,
    🌞💖 Debi Grace

  11. Thank you for your empowering guidance. My mother had been trying to get us together to work on Miracles. I heard, ingested and invoked your visualization. I readily named, my disability ( which is physical) and denounced it embracing the freedom and opened up more. thank you.

    1. Beloved Marissa, thank you for letting go of a part of our experience so that even greater things can be done through you. Your light is meant for EVERYONE who will heal through you. Like me, I am healing through you right now. Thank you, Sister. You are AWESOME! Keep crossing the river, it is not done once, but over and over and over, with every thought that is not of alignment with our Reality as Spirit, we cross that river of change, until we are no longer identified with the little self. Every time we cross, we take our Sisters and Brothers with us. You are a blessing, and you are blessed. Be BOLD, SISTER!! I love you, xoxoxoxoxo,k

  12. That was a message that had a power behind it— a full- force and raging river that had a current of life -and love behind it. Thank you for making it safe to step off the banks of the living water river into freedom. You reminded me of the invitation that has been before all the ages – to let the truth set us free. The courage to accept the truth is while we’re still on the banks waiting to want more than the bondage and fears we’re in. I love you and I want to thank you for being courageous to go thru the fire that forged your story of freedom. I know you’ve learned the value of truth and it’s felt in your message !

  13. Beautiful presentation. Dr. King in his kitchen that night Is such a powerful illustration of crossing the river. I will now pray for strength of faith and Stop all attack thoughts and blame.
    I am free!

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