EPILOGUE: Welcome Home

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A Course in Miracles teaches us that the world is illusory, and that we are making it up in our ego minds as a way of maintaining the belief that we are separate from God and one another. The Truth of us is that we are perfect spirit, pure light, and that we never left our home in Oneness with God. In our practice of A Course in Miracles, our role is to accept the Atonement – which is the full realization that the separation from God never occurred – for ourselves, and as we do so, wake up to the love that we are as the Divine creation of Spirit, and realize that we are home.

In the CE edition of A Course in Miracles (aka the “purple book”) Miracle Principle 25 states,

“Miracles Depend on Timing.”

(I’ll say. I’m pretty sure I was the poster child for that over the past couple of months.)

Jesus goes on to say of this principle, “The reason I direct everything that is unimportant is because it is no way to waste your free will. If you insist on doing the trivial your way, you waste too much time and will on it… I will tell you exactly what to do in connection with everything that does not matter.”

So when He tells us to leave the things he refers to as “trivial”, “unimportant”, and that “don’t matter” up to him, Jesus is referring to everything that has to do with this fake world.


 So, the cliffnotes of the blog post I wrote back in May entitled, “There’s No Place Like Home” are:

I had been living in Newburyport, Massachusetts for 19 years, in the same apartment for 11 of them. For the past 3 years have been carrying on a love affair with Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a beautiful seacoast town right on the border of southern Maine – but fear kept me talking myself out of moving there . The power of my thoughts regarding how much I loved that area and wanted to live there finally created the opportunity when my landlords needed to reclaim my apartment and I had to find a new home.

I ended that blog expressing my knowing that it was time to overcome my egoic fear of it all crashing and burning and just take the leap and TRUST, and allow Spirit to drive this moving van. These were my words,

“So, that’s what I’m doing. You could say I’m literally movin’ on up – into a Place of Trust in my Father’s metaphorical House, which has many mansions, one of which is meant for me to make my new crib in while I appear to be here, continuing to do my work of remembering the way back to my real home – the one I never left.

In the meantime, Miracle Street, Portsmouth. Welcome home.”

So now I’m in the ‘Hood, right across the river from Portsmouth, and I am compelled to write this Epiblogue because about 3 weeks after that initial blog was published I attended the International Conference of A Course in Miracles in Boston. Of the something like 500 attendees, approximately 499 of you came up and introduced yourselves to me (and thank you so much for doing that, it was so fantastic to meet so many of our live-streamers and readers in person!) and asked me if I had found a new home yet. I said that I had not, but when I did, I’d blog about it – so here I am, 3 months later, giving you the 411.

When I wrote “There’s No Place Like Home” I posted it to Facebook, asking for help finding a new place. Among the many supportive comments I received was this one from my friend John, whom I know from the Teachers of God community and who resides in Portsmouth. He said, “It awaits your inspection. You need only to align with the quantum existence of it to be connected and realized.”

Word, Bro. That statement was the genesis of my standard answer every time someone asked me if I’d found a place yet – “My perfect home exists in the quantum field and will come into my awareness in Divine timing.”

Before I go on, let me offer a brief fyi: I am a teacher who swears. My style is irreverently reverent and spiritually sassy, and my language unapologetically reflects the blue shades of colorful.

Ok, so I was affirming my *ss off, doing my best to stay in trust (or crawl back to it after taking a detour down the “Omigod, what if I wind up homeless?” rabbit hole), giving it up to Spirit, putting it on the altar every day, forgiving the bejesus out of the fear, and remembering that since this world is a dream I can therefore dream up a nice place to live. Then I’d veer off into I-have-to-make-sh*t-happen-do-it-all-myself Land, and obsessively check the rental ads. That was like doing shots of discouragement with a panic chaser: “Minimum first month, last month and one month security deposit! Excellent references a MUST!  Stellar credit rating required! Live chicken sacrifice upon move-in!”  One landlord said to me, “I hope you’re not going to have anyone staying overnight. I live downstairs and I can hear everything.”

Yikes. Talk about the ego’s credo of “Seek and do not find.”

Then I’d bust open my Course book to Miracle Principle 25 again, and read:

“You have to remember to ask me to take charge of all minutiae, and they will be taken care of so well and so quickly that you cannot get bogged down in them.”

I also found Cameo 6 of the CE edition of A Course in Miracles very helpful and reassuring during my homing endeavor. It further illustrates the story of Jesus helping Helen Schucman, the scribe of the Course, to find a very specific coat in New York City. In particular He talks to her about her unwillingness to let Him help her because she wants to be bogged down. His point is if we stay bogged down in the minutiae of this illusory world, hyper-focusing / hyperventilating about all of the things we think we need, we can’t be present to Him – to offer miracles to our bros and free ourselves – and do whatever else He would have us do.

That is, of course, the ego’s whole agenda.

Jesus is basically telling us to just let Him take care of all of the bullshit of the world so He can free our minds for what our true purpose is – remembering who we are and waking up in our real ‘Hood, home with God, where we never left.

So I kept asking, “Where is the home I should live in?” Staying in trust, affirming that I knew that He knew that my time was much better spent on thinking about love, and miracles, and shifting my perception, and practicing forgiveness (and, well, probably pretty much anything else including what I’m wearing tomorrow) rather than on fear.

Fast forward about five weeks to Memorial Day, the last day of the ACIM conference. I got a call from my afore-mentioned friend John, asking if I were still looking for a place. He said he was planning to move into a new home with his girlfriend, who turned out to be a lovely woman named Katherine whom I had also known previously – and with whom I had actually been in a goddess group several years ago. She joined John on that call, and she told me her rental home, right across the river from Portsmouth in Eliot, Maine, was precious.

When she invited me to view it a few weeks later, as soon as I walked in I was absolutely enchanted. I knew it was the place Spirit had been guiding me to. It is one of the sweetest, most charming, magical spaces I’ve ever seen – like a year-round beach house cottage married a Hobbit house. It has everything I was looking for, and some things I didn’t even know I wanted – but Spirit did.

Like, for instance, living in the same town as and being neighbors with my home-bros Lisa Natoli and Bill Free.

Oh, come on. Seriously?

No accidents.

So I spoke to the landlord via phone and text, we agreed on a very reasonable rent, and that was it. Done. No request for reference, no credit check, no thumbscrews, no bloodletting. Just a gentle “yes”. With a virtual handshake. I didn’t even meet him until moving day. (When I called him to inquire about a key, he said, “The house is open, the key is on the counter.” Talk about trust.)

I was, however, still faced with putting my worldly possessions in storage and needing a place to stay for the one-month gap between my lease ending and my new home being available.

Once again, I asked, “Ok, JBro– we both know I work for you, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want my mind to be all jammed up by dumb minor details like, you know, where am I sleeping and showering and keeping my stuff and eating and hanging up my old kit bag while I’m doing it. So Imma just trust that you got this… k?

And of course the most elegant solution was placed right into my path through the vessel of my gorgeous and generous friend Marie. She and her husband have a truly spectacular, fully furnished barn on their waterfront property that they custom-built a year ago, complete with amazing, posh guest quarters. They generously gifted it to me as the softest imaginable place on which to land. Being there in that open space, set amidst their incredible gardens and overlooking the river… it was like a month-long retreat in my own private monastery. Peaceful, tranquil, quiet, and surrounded by beauty, right next door to one of my dearest friends (and her hot tub!) What a blessing.

Oh, and as for my stuff – I was offered a free storage unit for the month on a promotion a local facility was having.

My whole journey was like that – brimming with a veritable booty of gifts, serendipitous happenings, thoughtful gestures, artful solutions; an incredible band of ninja-rock-star-packing/unpacking/organizing angels disguised as my boyfriend, family, and friends; too many inspirations, synchronicities, & silver linings to count – all ridiculously perfectly orchestrated by Spirit.

It was like a firehose of grace.

When I let go of fear and just allowed Spirit to direct things for me, when I stayed in trust, when I didn’t cave to the ego’s constant catastrophic predictions and its strong advisement to just settle for the cheapest, crappiest apartment possible (and my insistence that Dude, I’d rather put all my sh*t in storage and couch surf for a year than doubt Spirit like that); When I shifted my perception away from fear and let love rule – well, the brilliance of the manner in which it all unfolded - far more perfectly than I could have ever imagined - was astonishing. And crazy humbling. Click To Tweet

I would never have characterized a move as pleasant, let alone the joy-rocking, fun, adventurous, fantastic straight-up f*cking blast that mine turned out to be.

And as Spirit’s final exclamation point on the whole experience – the sign that greeted me as I drove into my beautiful new state:


Thank you so much for being with me today- I love having you in my crib!

If you want more opportunities to explore living the concepts from A Course in Miracles, check out the programs offered on the teachersofgod.org website. They are all fantastic and life-changing. If you haven’t yet joined the Presenter Series, I suggest doing so. Not only will you have access to the featured teachers and rich new content each month, but to all of the material available in the Transformation Room as well.

If something in this blog spoke to you, or inspired you to ask Spirit and TRUST that a better answer than you have will always show up, I’d love for you to share it with me. Please leave me a comment – I read every one.


I love you.


Rev Kelly Russell,

Transformational Life Coach, Psychotherapist & Teacher of A Course in Miracles

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37 Comments on “EPILOGUE: Welcome Home”

  1. What a fabulous post, Kelly! Thank you for your candor and insights, and reminder to TRUST! Loved it! Enjoy your new home!

  2. Wow, I needed this. I am living in so much doubt right now. I lost my apartment about 4 years ago. Evicted. Another story…but had lived in the chicago area 40 years. I am old, 71, never owned anything but a car and a dog. Searched knowing God would provide. I moved to Michigan to a beautiful new home . My friend lived there I had worked for with for many years. I was looking for happiness and lots of fun. It all fell apart. I am lost and don’t know what to do. I have learned so much from a Course in Miracles. I know I have grown but feel a bit smacked around by events that have happened here. Everything is about ME and my Perceptions about what is before me. I want out of this decision and am so afraid of moving that I am stuck in one great place of disappointment. Thanks for your blog. I have work to do. Suzanne

    1. Hi Suzanne! The only work you have to do is to forgive your perceptions of scarcity, being old, victimized, and disappointed and surrender your beliefs and fears to Spirit and ask to be guided. We don’t always know the gifts that are inherent in our apparent struggles, especially when they appear to be smacking us around in the dream! 😊

  3. All and everything Kelly; I LOVE this as it speaks to me in the exact same way in the same place (NH/ME). But I hadn’t “remembered” not getting bogged down in the minutiae so this is hugely revealing me to leave things alone for Jbro to care for. HAPPY HAPPY HOMECOMING.

    1. Hi Pam! No accidents, right? You’re in my ‘hood, literally and figuratively! Yep, letting Him take over the minutiae rocks! He’s kind of a Genius at it!

  4. Kelly, this is such a beautiful illustration of the power of trust! Thank you!!!
    Love you,

  5. Hi Kelly,
    So when’re ya gonna show some pics of said “cottage/hobbit house?
    Also, interested in some ACIM coaching. How do we connect?
    Blessings, wendy

  6. Love this wonderful example of how we have to trust God and move forward fearlessly. I have done the same for years now and even buying a home when I didn’t think I had any money. I now have a gorgeous apartment and it’s in Florida. I had no idea that I wanted this but now that I’m here it’s all falling into place. You are my friend,, colleague and inspiration. Thank you for the details. Blessings to you dear Kelly.

  7. Kelly thank you so much for this message! I’m going through similar trials right now with finding a new job. Right now I just gave my two week notice at a major pharmacy chain to go work for a small independent chain. (Trading jobs for less stress and better hours). I begin this new adventure on August 29th – and I’m filled with anxiety! Will the drive be too far (63 miles away), will they have enough hours for me? Will the pharmacy stay afloat in these uncertain times? So many uncertainties !!!
    Your story truly resonates with me as I go through my own “trust test” of HS handling all the mundane while I focus on sharing His message of ACIM through my own blog, book, and retreats.
    IN FACT, I know HS sent your message to me now to help ease my fears and reaffirm my trust in His Divine Plan.
    Amen sister. THANK YOU!!
    Beth Geer

    1. Hi Beth! Your website domain name says it all – the only task we really have is awakening to one love, isn’t it? And realizing that that love is what flows from God to us and back in an ever-nourishing loop. Trust that you are being guided in your being a vessel through which Spirit is beaming light into the world. You are not in charge of it, just be willing to go where it takes you. 😘

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Your story is inspiring. I’ve been fighting financial fears, with no solution (of my own) to fix it. I read the course. I ask for guidance. I keep putting it up on the alter. I’ve been very discouraged lately and I know that’s not good for my vibration. Prayerfully, I will continue to ask for direction and resolution of my perceived worldly problems. Envisioning an outcome that will make my soul sing and create more happiness than I could imagine. 💜

    1. Hi Jennifer! I would also encourage to practice true forgiveness around any and all perceived financial fears and discouragement, and problems or issues or anything that disturbs your peace in any way. Holding grievances blocks our ability to receive the good that is constantly flowing to us. Offer gratitude and trust, letting all things be as they are. When you have a financial fear, instead of fighting it, let that shit go and put it on the altar.

  9. Kelly; Im so glad the quantum field delivered and jbo guided us all to get you to your new home. I hear your love for it and I know the landlord will be awesome… The space is peaceful & the view spectacular… i miss the walks along the river…
    All things are orchestrated in the quantum field, we need only to participate to realize them… my quantum field is freaking amazing!!!

    Thanks for participating in it with me!
    Love! Light! And a shit load of fun!

    1. Hi John! Thank you so much, and for giving me the words. I return your blessing a thousandfold to you & Katherine! You are the Godparents of my beautiful new home! I see your experience of your new abode as the same expression of Spirit in the world. So much joy unfolding… ❤️

  10. I was so moved by this is such a fine way!! I love how you put it out there!! It all gets down to trust and allow spirit to keep you steady. We never left!! Just to remember that, it breaks up all the knots we bind ourselves with. It’s full of relief and swear words. OMG. Makes me laugh and such a healing. Thank you dear golden Lady once again.
    Love you Light:))

  11. If the picture of the house and water is where you ended up!!!! How fantastic is that!!! Love it!!

    1. Hi Sharon! No, it isn’t a picture of the house and it is not on the water but the vibe totally feels like that to me! Thanks for writing!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this. Like so many others who have replied, this reminder of trust comes at the perfect time. You are an inspiration!!

  13. Thank you, Reverend Kelly. You inspire me. Love, love, love to you and blessings in your new home, xoxo, Freedom

  14. That is so so touching So inspiring…I cant thank you enough for the sharing…Where does one find the purple book and is it much different than the blue book Blessings

  15. You’re such a delight Kelly, and a straight to the point woman with your communication! I love listening to you!

  16. This is beautiful Kelly, and just what I needed to hear right now. So grateful. Bless you. Thank you <3

  17. AMAZING! I had so much JOY reading this! And I’m taking Boo Boo Kitty Freakout City with me! Hahaha so perfect, I even have the visual. =^.^=

  18. Thank you Kelly for reminding me to stay in love. I don’t know why that is so hard to remember. Love your story! Bless you and your new home.

  19. Hi Kelly. Loved your blog!
    I myself went through a cataclysmic change of residence in 2015, when my husband’s health changed literally overnight. I had been guided to start looking for alternate residences for the previous two years, so I knew where I wanted to be. But what happened after the “crash” was that I began to operate as though I were following a script. I was being guided step by step through a complex series of moves, and I felt as though I were on autopilot through it all. One amazing serendipitous event followed another. During that time I received at least two confirmations of being in God’s hands, as if the events themselves weren’t enough proof.
    I would love to share this with you, but I am not a facile typist, and the story is a long one. Can we communicate be email?

    Again, thank you for your always uplifting and encouraging, and somewhat peppery, messages. I always find them helpful.


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