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Know ThySelf:
The Way of Peace & Happiness Conference

Know Thyself Conference

Open for Registration (FREE to attend live!)

The much anticipated event, Know ThySelf: The Way of Peace & Happiness Conference, April 22-24, 2022, brought to you by Pure Presence Conferences and the Teachers of God Foundation is right around the corner. Our previous conferences have found thousands waiting for the next conference as so many are actually having awakening experiences in the sessions offered in this free live event.

During our 3 days together, you will:

Hear and directly experience wisdom teachings that open you to clear inner knowing.

Learn from teachers whose only purpose is to help you See and Know the Self.

Know with fresh clarity and deeper understanding that you are the happiness and peace you long for.

We’ve invited some of the world’s most profound teachers, musicians and scientists for this weekend Awakening event:

Rupert Spira, Lisa Natoli, Loch Kelly, Ellen Emmet, Aaron Abke, Louise Kay, Shakti Caterina Maggi, Alan Cohen, Jon Mundy, Francis Lucille, Jac O’Keeffe, Miranda Macpherson, Diederik Wolsak, Amoda Maa, Carol Howe, Roger Castillo, Judith Blackstone, Stephan Bodian, Dan Schmidt, Helen Hamilton, Bernardo Kastrup, Paul Hedderman, Cate Grieves, Tom Das, Jeff Bailey, Bill Free, Jackie Greggs, and Omashar!

In this time of continued world chaos it remains so important for us all to come together focused on Unity and Truth.

This conference is an invitation to come home to your True Nature once and for all and know that which you seek is already what you are. It is the end of seeking. The search can be over. Click the button below for more info…

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The Awareness Podcast

The Awareness Podcast

Insights and practices to remove the obstacles to self-realization, inner peace and happiness (FREE!)

Every week, one of 4 hosts — Bill Free, Jackie Greggs, Cyndi Krupp and Susan Telford bring you interviews and teachings from teachers at the cutting edge of spiritual evolution. Tune in as they discuss their latest insights…