Heal Yourself by Loving Yourself

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You are a healer, healed and whole.

Here is a video from one of our Zoom calls in The 40-Day Program for Transformation. You can sign up for that anytime, and it’s still always free. This video is with Ted who has cancer and asked a question about healing. I love this guy so much. Watch what happens. It is a perfect demonstration of the immediacy of healing. Ted is not sick, even with a diagnosis. You’ll see what I mean in the video. He’s the light of the world. Totally present. Totally grateful. Totally ALL THERE.

I used to wonder about the sentences from A Course in Miracles “There is no order of difficulty in miracles” and “There is no order of difficulty in healing.”

Does A Course in Miracles really mean this?

And then of course the question would arise in my mind: “How?”

And the I got sick in January 2013 with flu-like viral symptoms, which was later diagnosed as an incurable autoimmune disease. The symptoms for the first couple of years were vomiting out of the blue (with no advance notice), sweating, dry mouth, dry eyes, irritated eyes, red blood-shot eyes, blurry vision, painful eyes, major eye light sensitivity, mucus, congestion, difficulty speaking, difficulty seeing.

I’ve told the story many times so you may have heard it already but I tried every possible thing to heal myself, including deciding to stop trying to heal myself. Nothing worked. I tried diets, supplements, colonics, raw food, celery juice, no gluten, no dairy. I did that for a few years. When that didn’t work I tried healing the mind to heal the body. I looked at my “irritations” since that was how my physical symptoms were showing up. I was looking at where I was “congested” and “stuffed up” and “clogged”. I was asking myself “What am I not seeing” and “What do I need to see?”

I did all that, and not much changed. I went looking for where forgiveness was needed, where I was holding onto grievances – and I was willing to let my grievances and attack thoughts go.

I tried “removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence which is my natural inheritance.”

And nothing really changed. I kept thinking (for years) “What am I doing wrong?”

I was 100 percent devoted to A Course in Miracles, to God. I was 100% available to help, heal, serve, give. I was willing to do anything, go anywhere, give all my stuff away. I wanted nothing more than to be a light in this world and to be part of this great awakening

So … WTF.

Then I decided to stop trying to heal and that didn’t really work either because I was still in pain, still with dry mouth, still with blurry eyesight and congestion. Every day I couldn’t escape these symptoms because they were in my experience all the time. All I wanted was to get out of the body, escape from it. It was like being in prison, in the body.

It was strange because I felt like “I” was inside the body and “I – the Self – was perfectly fine – and “I” was unaffected by all this body activity but looking back now I see that was all concept.

I was in hell and wanted out of it!

And then in the fall of 2018, when I was in tremendous pain wishing it would go away, my husband Bill asked me: “Could you just love the experience if I could LOVE the experience completely and WELCOME IT to stay as long as it wants for the rest of your life.”

It was a light bulb moment

The answer was YES. I realized that was the missing ingredient: LOVE.

I wasn’t loving myself as I fought myself to heal. I wasn’t loving when I wished the body was different. I wasn’t loving when I wanted the situation to be different.

And that’s how I came to know there really is no order of difficulty in miracles and no order of difficulty in healing.

Jesus in A Course in Miracles says: “If you are sick you do not love yourself” and “to love oneself is to heal oneself.”


This was the answer for me. To love myself. To love everything exactly as is – TO WELCOME IT TO STAY AS LONG AS IT WANTS. Thank you Bill.

I realized that all those body symptoms didn’t have the power to limit me in any way. I wasn’t weak, but strong. I wasn’t powerless, but powerful. I wasn’t sick, but whole.

And I made a decision for aliveness, joy, gratitude and the peace of God.

And with all my focus on LOVE and LOVING MYSELF, I experienced no order of difficulty in miracles and difficulty in healing.

Enjoy the video.



You are a creator.


Do you know it?


Are you using the power of God given to you to create, heal, bless, comfort and uplift?


Most people are not using this power to create because they don’t know about it. Or they DO know about it – they’ve heard about it or read about it – but they don’t use it – therefore they don’t know it’s there. This power is the light within – your inheritance – but it’s useless when you don’t use it, even though it’s right here, available to you.


So for this week’s blog for The Teachers of God Foundation, I thought it would be fun to see how many people decide to begin acknowledging and using the power of God to create and heal.


Where to begin?


Right where you are, with some good old-fashioned honesty.




The first thing is TO CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF.


Ask yourself: “Am I wholly joyous?”


Ask yourself: “Am I in peace?”


If the answer is “no” that is the sign that you have separated yourself from the Love You Are. You believe you are a body, a person, a personality, separate from all the love that is available to you. If you are not experiencing perfect peace and perfect happiness, you are being a thing you are a not.


You are being an image that you made and getting all the effects of that decision.


So that’s step one.




Now ask yourself “Am I blocking the light in me or am I allowing it to extend?”


You don’t have to send love and light. You simply need to stop blocking it. It flows by itself because of its nature – but whenever you experience sickness or depression it means that you have taken the power of God (which is intended for creation) and you are using this power to block the love and hold the light in you.


No wonder you feel exhausted! It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold in the light of God in you!


As humans, as bodies we say: I’m going to block all this love! I’m going to hold it all in! I’m on it!


How do we block this light and love? With fears, judgments, comparison ideas, attack thoughts, feeling unworthy, trying to remain safe.


In a nutshell: if you saw what you were doing, if you actually saw all this activity, you would stop it.


This can be a tricky one at first because we mistakenly believe that we can remain neutral and that our private thoughts have no effects.


Let me explain with one example:


You may feel that your situation is hopeless.


Maybe you have no money. Or you have lost your job. Or someone you love is sick. Maybe you are sick. Or perhaps someone is not being the way you want them be. Or maybe you think that a situation should be different.


In these examples then, you feel lost, weak, frail, uncertain, afraid and powerless.


Whenever you feel lost, weak, frail, uncertain, afraid or powerless, it means only one thing: You have forgotten the light that is yours to use. You have forgotten God.


I am not talking God in the religious sense, not a God outside of you.


I am talking about God that is the Love that is your Self, your true Identity. You are one with God. One with Love.


You were created perfect, complete and whole – with the power to create.


So, step two is all about Awareness. Are you blocking light and love in you? OR are you allowing the love that you are to flow to others?


Are you helping others to succeed? Are you reminding others of their brilliance and magnificence? Are you rejoicing with others, reminding them of their innocence and perfection?


Or are you secretly hoping they fail? Are you holding grievances about other people or situations?


Awareness is the key to happiness.




Create an Atmosphere of Love.


Here it is. You are going to use the power given to you to create.


Here you are going to find out that YOU ARE A CREATOR.


You are a healer, with the power to heal.


You are a creator, with the power to create.


You have the power to bring joy and peace and light with you, everywhere you go.


You have the power to create an atmosphere of love in every situation.


Here you must simply begin to experiment – to go on a leap of faith that what I am saying is true.


In any situation where you notice a grievance, upset or uncertainty, you are going to light it up with love.


It’s not enough to notice your thoughts and think “I forgive it.”


That won’t do it.


Let’s say there is a person in your life you do not like – and you REALLY want the peace of God – and you REALLY want to be out of conflict – so you have forgiven them and forgiven yourself.


But you find yourself still in conflict! Why is this?


Because you have not created an atmosphere of love.


It’s not enough to forgive. That’s a good start – but that’s not creation.


“Forgiveness does make lovely, but it does not create.” -A Course in Miracles


Forgiveness clears the space, but it’s not creation.


Now that you have forgiven the situation or the person or yourself, now you bless them with love and happiness and success. If you really have forgiven someone, then you want to give them everything! You suddenly want them to succeed! You want to help them!


When you have really forgiven, you begin reminding others of their innocence and beauty and power. You start thanking them for being in your life. You see them as the gift they truly are. You are thanking your lucky stars they are in your life and in the world!


You are rejoicing that your enemies have become your friends!


You use Christ vision to SEE all the ways they are bright and innocent, complete and perfect.


2020 vision in 2020!


You don’t stop at “well, I have forgiven them”. That’s not enough. You must help them. You must see yourself as one with them, your perfect friend, your Self.


What’s great about this practice, is you will get to see whether you REALLY want peace or not.


When you get to this place, you will see if you really want to ONLY LOVE or if you prefer to continue to hang onto your grievance.


I love that I get to work one-on-one and with groups all the time – so I get to see people reach this point and realize “I don’t want to do that.”


Haha! And once they see this, they start laughing too. They thought other people were the problem, but then they realize: Oh, I’m the one who doesn’t want to give this up! I’m the one who doesn’t want to change!


They think they want to love, until they come to the point of decision and they realize: “No, I am going to love that person. I don’t like what they did. I don’t like what they are doing. I’d rather hang onto this grievance.”


Perfect! Then be happy that you are getting what you want!


So, now the choice is yours.


Do you want to be a healer and creator?


Or would you prefer to hang onto your grievances and stay in conflict. Which is the same as saying: Would you prefer to remain powerless, weak, frail, uncertain, angry, sick and depressed?


The choice is yours.


Join with this power and begin to use it to create.


Or remain a victim, hoping the world changes.


There is only love – and we all in it together. Nothing is outside of this love – and if you think there is then you are outside of this love also – and that is not possible.


I am with you.




Sometime today (or this week if it’s not possible today), set aside one hour to connect with God. I’ll be with you. Put aside all thoughts of disbelief. Simply sit quietly and talk with God, which is the light and love you are. Don’t worry if you think nothing is happening. Ask that God’s Will be done – and remember that God’s Will is perfect peace and perfect happiness. Don’t try to make anything happen. Allow yourself to be surprised. Allow the light in you to do its mighty work. You are simply joining with it. Acknowledging it as your Self. Reaching it. Abiding with it.


For this one hour, be with God as you would a friend. Have a conversation. And think of me as being with you.


You might decide there is cake and coffee there. It’s a time of relaxation and a new beginning.




Give thanks.


Give thanks for the healing. Give thanks that God’s Will is done. Don’t wait for proof or evidence. Simply give thanks. Stay in gratitude, appreciation and love.





Listen deeply within in silence. This light – the power of God – is pure Intelligence. It will speak to you. It will guide you perfectly. Trust what comes to you. And finally …





Do what this voice asks. Trust in this voice entirely – and do what it instructs. Don’t block it with fear. If this voice asks you to do something that seems impossible, do it anyways. This “voice” comes through as intuition, a gut feeling or a thought. You may have a thought to go somewhere. Go there. If you have a thought to reach out to someone, reach out to them.


Have fun with this practice as you step into being a Creator.


All my love,



Lisa Natoli is a Teacher of God and co-founder of The Teachers of God Foundation with her husband Bill Free. She is the Founder of The Healing Cure and the creator of The 40-Day Program for Transformation. She is devoted to teaching healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone.


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5 Comments on “Heal Yourself by Loving Yourself”

  1. Thank you Lisa,Ted & Bill, this came to me in perfect timing,which I have noticed is always the way with everyhting you post Lisa.Your Light shines so brightly > Love Julie

  2. Thank you for sharing your healing journey, Lisa. You are always so inspiring and full of contagious joy.

  3. I was diagnosed with ms 22 years ago. I know that divine energy and presence is real and that God is one with me. But I identify with your reactions to your symptoms. I have given up now and accept the low energy. You say you loved your body and its weaknesses. I need to do more! Looking forward to your video! Jill xx

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