Heal Yourself: Doing the Work, Every Damn Day

heal yourself

This week’s blog is from me – Lisa Natoli – and I share three stories in a 10-minute video, all three stories are designed to inspire you to simply begin doing things in a new way so that LIFE begins to flow through you.

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These 3 stories are:

  • A guy named Arthur who was totally paralyzed, he couldn’t walk and was told he would never walk again. His case was so hopeless that no one would work with him … until finally one day one guy said YES, I’ll help you. Arthur made some changes and now he’s not only walking, but running.
  • The story of my husband Bill Free falling down some wet slippery stairs in Portugal – the night before we began walking the Camino de Santiago from Portugal to Spain. I talk about how I saw Bill’s leg contorted in the most not-normal position, behind his body, and what Bill did to begin walking just two days later.
  • The story of my husband Bill’s sister’s husband Brad. 40 years ago, while bull riding, Brad’s arm was pulled out of the socket and was only hanging on by a thread. The doctors (according to Brad) wanted “to saw the arm off and throw it in the trash”. Brad begged them to please just sew it back on. He was told the arm would never work. He didn’t care. He just wanted the arm. So they sewed it back on and it was completely lifeless. And a little while later, Brad got an idea …. and his arm was restored.

The common theme in all these three stories is: I CAN DO THIS. They weren’t praying for a miracle. They weren’t waiting for a healing. They were cooperating and collaborating with the energy within that moves mountains.

So often people are waiting for a miracle, asking God to heal them or asking other people to pray for them. You probably have noticed that not much changes when you approach life in this way. I share these 3 stories to inspire you to connect with the strength and power that is within you.

You got this.

You don’t need to pray to God to heal you. You are already whole and perfect. If you are going to pray to God to heal you, let your prayer be to remember that YOU CAN DO THIS.

Pray to take action. Pray to stop waiting around. Pray to know the Truth, and the Truth will you free. In you is LIFE. And when you connect with this life – which is what you are – energy begins to move. It heals. It restores. It renews.

If you are ready to change your life, this week’s video is for you.

You have all the answers already within you. You are constantly being told by that “still small voice within” what you can do for healing. Most people I talk with have already received inner instruction about changes they can make, but most are not taking action.

Now your job is to simply show up, “every damn day”, and do the work. Follow your inner guidance which has been instructing you already about what to do.

Stop waiting for a miracle. Make a commitment to do the work and make some changes.

One of the best ways I know for transformation is to do A Course in Miracles. Commit to reading the Text, and to doing the workbook lessons – it takes one year – 365 days. Read the Manual for Teachers.

It’s a one-year training program and my suggestion is to not take a single day off. Commit to it and do it.

All you need to say is: I CAN DO THIS.

An “I can do this” attitude moves mountains. There is no gray area. No excuses. No saying “I’ll try”. No thinking “I can’t do it.” No thinking “maybe.”

I can do this

An “I can do this” attitude moves mountains. There is no gray area. No excuses. No saying “I’ll try”. No thinking “I can’t do it.” No thinking “maybe.” Click To Tweet

You have one thought and one thought only: I CAN DO THIS.

I CAN DO THIS is how healing is accomplished. You stop looking outside yourself. You stop waiting for “God to heal you. You realize the power and the light and the strength within you that heals. And you begin working with it.

Today’s the day you can begin moving in that direction.

If you would like some assistance with the Course in Miracles workbook lessons, be sure to check out ACIM 365. You will receive a daily audio commentary for each workbook lesson from me (Lisa Natoli) to help you more easily navigate your way through the lessons.

Also, I’d love to hear from you.

What was your biggest ‘Aha’ or takeaway from today’s post? Let me know in the comment section below.



Lisa Natoli

Co-Founder, Teachers of God Foundation

ACIM 365
Lisa Natoli takes you through all 365 lessons of A Course in Miracles with her commentary via a daily audio. Click here for more information.

40 Comments on “Heal Yourself: Doing the Work, Every Damn Day”

  1. This aligns with the section in the Manual for teachers, Chaper 5. How is healing accomplished? II. The Shift in Perception: “One need but say ‘There is no gain at all to me in this,’ and he is healed (1.2). “First, it is obvious that decisions are of the mind, not the body” (1.4). And, of course, the rest of this section has many more notable quotations. This also goes hand in hand with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work.

    Thank you for the three short stories that illustrate this. I have done likewise to skip a TKR (total knee replacement).

  2. Once again Lisa you deliver a message filled with Light and Truth, thank you, I can DO this when I remember I AM this!

  3. Thank you Lisa!
    I really needed to hear this today! I haven’t been feeling well the past couple of days. I needed the reminder that “I can do this”! I am healed already! Thanks so very much for your love and light!!❤️🙏

  4. Thank you this was very powerful!
    I can do this! No more excuses!
    Just knowing, I have the ability within me to heal. Connect to that Christ mind that abides within. Break the habit of listening to the thoughts that show you outside things will help. They never do but I keep listening , it’s a damn habit.
    I can do this!
    I thank you Lisa❤️

  5. Thank you Lisa, I needed this inspiration today! I have seen the video about Aurthur before – and I cry everytime too. What stuck out for me was – stop looking outside yourself. I can do this! Thank you

  6. Oh wow! Very powerful! A real Lisa- message! It encourages me to carry on with the work, every damn day! Yes, I can do this! Thank you Lisa!😍

  7. I did ACIM 365 with you and it was transformative. I loved it. Appreciate the latest reminder that “I can do this” and be peaceful

  8. I love you Lisa. I just thank you so much for these blogs. I am having physical therapy for pain in the right side of my neck. My eyes about bugged out of my head when she gave me my exercises to practice, but I. can do this I love it. Can’t wait to do my first at home session

  9. I did the ACIM 365 and found it transformative and I loved it. Thank you for the reminder that “I can do this”.

  10. Oh Lisa…thank you! Please don’t stop reminding us of who we are! I can get swept into the rushing river of the ego’s thought system so quickly! But your precious messages are like the saving branch hanging above the murky waters…I reach, I grab for it, I CAN do this!! GOT IT!
    Thank you my dear friend. I love you.

  11. This was so awesome, I have been praying to God for the power and strength to heal but when you said the power is within us already, that was so good. Thank you Lisa for that

  12. The simple words I CAN DO THIS clubbed with that ‘I’m not the body’, can it self be called a miracle which changes the perception of who I really am. Vow.
    Thank you Lisa for leading me to “That’ point of understanding.

  13. THANK YOU so much for all that you do Lisa!! <3 "I CAN DO THIS'!!! I will only pray to remember & pray to know/see the truth. Great simple tips on how to effectively pray. Though ACIM is a big part of my daily life. I still have often felt somehow hopeless & unconvincing even to myself on my attempts to pray to the Holy Spirit/higher power/Self/God. Strangely the latter has not been due to a lack of faith that there is an awesome mind blowing majestic intelligence that I am a part of, but a lack of knowing/beleiving in a technique to pray that feels sure. I've always sensed my use of words are very clumsy & may actually be reinforcing my seeming inability to think & see the truth & healing solutions I seek. I saw more often my futile undoing of what I was asking; ha ha but not so funny at the time 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Christiane! The best part is that we don’t have to get it right and even when our words are clumsy, we all find our way back to God! All my love to you

  14. I love this topic and message today. My story is that I lost my hearing over several years time and eventually got a Cochlear Implant (CI) – which replaces the cochlea. The CI is first and foremost a speech processor and it is well known that it is not very good for perceiving music. Many people, including myself, don’t know much about how a CI works but it is not like a hearing aid that amplifies what is heard. It is a totally new bionic hearing device that replaces ordinary hearing.

    So when it comes to music – you can understand that someone like myself who did not hear certain frequencies or pitches for many years and suddenly they are made available, my brain did not understand these sounds. It would be like if you were blind for 30 years and then suddenly you could see- your brain would not know what it was looking at.

    Anyway, at the time of my implantation, there was not a lot of hope for a musician like me to be able to recover and regain musical perception. I will say too that it is true that music at first sounded terrible! My guitar did not sound at all musical or pleasant.

    But it never occurred to me to give up!

    What happened was one day I was reading a music magazine and I saw an ad, “Learn Perfect Pitch.” That gave me the idea to get this program and train my CI to “remember” and recreate the neuropathways that once knew these sounds.

    Instead, I ended up working with a music teacher and we did some exercises in interval recognition and pitch perception. (That’s music theory speak for those who read music notation) We did work with tuning forks so that I could feel the pitches. We worked together about 6 months and gradually, it all came together for me.

    I work as a Certified Music Practitioner and play therapeutic music for ICU patients at a hospital and for nursing home residents. (guitar) It was not easy to do but I went back to work 2 weeks after my surgery, even though music sounded horrible. I just kept doing it.

    Nine years later, I have traveled all around the world to participate in CI research and music and CI conferences. In fact, I just returned from Montreal as a panelist to tell about my journey and how I regained my music perception.

    It goes on from here, but that’s my story in a nutshell.

    I will say again, it never occurred to me to even think I could not do it. I refused to give up.

    So, thank you LIsa, “I can do this.” that is a good message to spread to the world!



  15. I am already perfect and hole. Pray to remember that, to take action. Thank you Lisa. Love Lise from denmark

  16. Lisa, I was unsure whether I would get anything from this course as I have just finished lesson 365 of ACIM and indeed it has changed my life! I am starting the text with the course in miracles group on Facebook and have learned so much. I’m writing this to tell you that this course is wonderful and you are amazing! I’m on day 15 tomorrow!
    Also asking if there is a Facebook group to join?
    And replays for The Friday morning lessons on line as the time is not convenient for me. Again thank you you are truly a blessing !

    1. Hi Judith! This is awesome. Thank you so much for this message. There is no FB group for the 40-Day Group. Also, you would be finished by now. Congratulations! I am just seeing your message now. The replays for the Friday morning are on the Teachers of God Youtube page. All my love to you.

  17. Lisa, the longer and more often you do these reminders and give such powerful illustrations, the quicker all of us will move into the unquestionable mode. You know I’ve been “with” you for years now, and always loving your sharing, your teaching but always kind of frizzling at your practicality. Honestly, now, due to some really interesting events in my experience, that’s all I seem to gravitate toward. Keep it up, please. I’ll take the underlying metaphysics up the ying yang, but I really need the care and courage talk from you. Thank you endlessly (really).

  18. Somehow after reading your post, I realized that the power and strength that I have been looking for is within me. I knew this intellectually, but today, I feel different. I feel as if a veil was removed from my eyes. Thank you, Lisa.

  19. Thank you Lisa! John 14:12 kept running through my head while I listened! Thank you for your ministry!

  20. Beautiful Lisa! Last year starting in November I was told I had a small aneurysm in my brain. I freaked out and then remembered the course. Without me realizing at the time, I quickly went through the 5 stages of grief in about 10 days and after that I remembered from ACIM, I AM NOT A BODY! I was happy with my Annie as I called the aneurysm and thanked her for anything she was here to teach me. I was totally OK and totally OK with this little thing in my head. I AM NOT A BODY was what I truly believed and anything that happened due to the aneurysm I would still be OK because I AM NOT A BODY. It was truly amazing that I was able to get to that level of happiness in the middle of a diagnosis like that. In January of this year I was asked to have another MRI which was a 3D imaging unlike the 2 others i had. I had the 3D and voila no aneurysm showed up on this scan! Of course I was soooo relieved but more important I was not surprised because it didn’t matter at that point what transpired with the scan. I AM NOT A BODY and I believed it to my core. Thank you ACIM, thank you HS for bringing this story to life about learning that I AM NOT A BODY and thank you Lisa Natoli for being a part of my awakening. Love you!!! xoxo

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