Healing Your Money Blocks, Once and For All

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In 2012, after years of being semi-mostly-happy but with no money and with 10-years worth of unpaid credit debt and with no job, I decided it was time to heal my money blocks, once and for all.

Intellectually I “knew” that the outside picture of the world I thought I saw was only a reflection of my inner thoughts – this idea comes from A Course in Miracles – but I didn’t really know it, KNOW IT.

Back then, this idea was just words on paper and not my direct experience.

So in 2012, something snapped in me.

I came to a decision that I was done with poverty. I was done with lack. I was done with limitation. I was done with excuses. I was done waiting for money to come in to start living.

I was done with playing small.

I’d been on a spiritual path since 1989 and I’d gone through A Course in Miracles maybe 20 (or more) times (in the almost 30 years that I’ve had the book) and my life had changed a lot, in beautiful ways.

I quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes one day in March 2001 – just like that. I didn’t want to drink and smoke and I’d tried to quit for 5 years with no success, but on that day in March 2001, for whatever reason the stars aligned and I SERIOUSLY and SINCERELY did not want to smoke another cigarette or drink another alcoholic beverage, ever again.

It was a moment of “I’m done with this” and I have had no desire to drink or smoke since that day. Not even a little temptation. So I got a “glimpse” of how this whole healing thing works: decide “I’m done with this” (pain, problem, sickness, way of living) and really mean it.

A Course in Miracles says that “healing is accomplished the instant the sufferer sees no value in pain.”

And over the years, a lot of things have fallen away once I realized they were causing me pain: attacking myself and attacking others. Judging myself and judging others. Doubting myself and doubting others. Feeling guilty. Carrying grievances and resentments.

So one by one, a lot of things I had been doing that were no longer serving me just floated away.

But the money thing.

Oh, the money thing!

I couldn’t crack the code on that one.

What I know now is that the reason nothing changed for me around money was because I never looked at it.

I never actually said (before 2012): Okay. I’m going to heal this condition (of no money)

I never looked!

I just kept wishing more money would show up (and it never did).

So in 2012, I looked.

I looked at my thoughts and beliefs and realized that my entire focus (back then) was on EFFECTS.

How to make money. How to get money. How to get out of my situation of lack.

The one thing I wasn’t doing was looking AT THE SOURCE.

I was completely disconnected from God, my One Self.

And my decision was to put my 100% focus on the truth and to live it and to be it.

I did it at first as a 5-week experiment – to live as someone who is totally abundant, generous, joyful and connected.


On that day, I became the richest person on the planet … by my own decision.

Because obviously nothing could stop me from feeling that way and living that way.

The form hadn’t changed (yet) but I changed!

I started doing things in a new way.

Since I now was the richest person on the planet, I no longer said or thought “I need” since I was living knowing that I HAVE and AM everything.

I deleted the phrase “I need” from my vocabulary.

I didn’t need anything … and yet all my needs were being taken care of!

Yes, it was a game I was playing.

And yes, it changed my life dramatically.

The first thing I thought to do was call all my credit companies and tell them I’d be paying off my debt. Remember, I had no job and no money – but that didn’t stop me!

Only fear could stop me and fear was no longer in charge of me now that I was the richest person on the planet!

I could call whoever I wanted!

I called up the credit card people and said: Here I am. Sorry for not paying all these years. I have no job and no money and I have no idea how I will pay you … but here I am. Here is my address. Here is my phone number. Here is my email.

And within 9 months, I had paid off all the credit card debt.

The other thing that came to me during those 5 weeks was to begin to do videos and write practices to go along with them … and The 40-Day Program for Transformation was born.

In my state of lack and limitation, I always thought “I’m not ready” but once I changed my mind to “I have everything” … well … that busted up all my excuses!

No more waiting! I had arrived!

So I committed to doing one video per day for 40 days and I decided to offer it for free – because “why not?? I have everything!” – and it continues to this day to be free.

A Course in Miracles gives practices for healing that start with looking at the image (picture) of yourself – how you see yourself – and then correcting those thoughts with truth.

So, for example:

I see myself as weak.
I see myself as failing.
I see myself as irresponsible.

I see myself as a total screw up.

I see myself as wanting to do good.
I see myself as kind.
I see myself as disorganized.
I see myself as smart.
I see myself as afraid.
I see myself as limited, with no money.

So that’s the first part.

In our humanness, we say: I am weak. I am afraid. I am failing.

But the mind-training of A Course in Miracles add this awesome element of stepping back from the picture. Instead of “I am weak” it becomes “I see myself as weak.”

Which is a very different thing!

Because when you give yourself some space to see the picture of the image you hold of yourself, it becomes fairly simple to change the picture to something else.

A Course in Miracles tells us: THIS IS THE IMAGE I MADE OF MYSELF. IT’S NOT ME.

And that’s good news.

And the second part of the practice is to heal all those thoughts with truth.

I am not weak, but strong.
My mind is part of God’s I am very holy.

I am not limited, but limitless.

And this is how I did it.

I kept busting up the image I had made of myself as a body – and I said: Screw that.

I’m done with these victim stories.

And the picture of my life began to change as I kept my focus within, on the Source, on God … and not effects.

All day long I thought: God is with me. I’m not alone.


I was living in gratitude from morning to night that I was finally connected to the light in me.

When you keep your focus on effects (on money, on health, on worldy things), the effects begin to diminish because you have cut yourself off from Source.

Keep your focus on the Kingdom within – on Source – on God – on Oneness – and the effects begin to change.

When you know you have everything, everything begins to multiply.

Try it.

And please leave a comment below on your own Prosperity practice and how you have gone from lack to abundance.

If you are just starting on your journey of healing your blocks and you have made a decision to leave lack, littleness and excuses, leave a comment so that we can celebrate your new beginning with you!




Lisa Natoli is a healer, therapist, teacher of A Course in Miracles and the richest person on the planet.She is the creator of The 40-Day Program for Transformation (which is totally free!) and The Healing Cure: an 8-week online coaching program for True Healing. https://www.lisanatoli.com

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14 Comments on “Healing Your Money Blocks, Once and For All”

  1. Hi Lisa! Your posts are getting better and better! I don’t think there is any better than this! 🙂 Than-you for your light and energy! You are amazing!

  2. This is so beautiful Lisa, I am grateful for the abundance of these lessons from you that just keep reminding me of the light I am and where I come from <3 <3 <3

  3. Thank you so much Lisa! I needed to hear this message today and though I say I have done all kinds of healing, I choose to begin again today to focus all my attention on my ONENESS with the ONE!!

  4. Ok Lisa; I am calling credit card companies today and will choose to be done with this thought of poverty and will let you know the outcome. Because I am SO done with this! Thanks again.

  5. Just the other day I was mulling over and over about my financial situation. I apologized over and over to God about how irresponsible I am when it comes to money. How stupid I am for not keeping my “wanter” in check. How gullible I can be. I went on and on. Then I got this voice that said, “OMG! I’m worshipping money instead of God!” That’s when I started practicing with, “Thank you, God. For today, I have everything I need. I have more than enough.” My financial situation hasn’t changed YET, but the depression, anxiety, and fear are lessening a little more each day. Thank you, Lisa, for this post! It enriches my ability to shift from fear to love. <3

  6. I’m DONE living small and I’m DONE living in lack and fear!!
    Whooo hooo!!
    With Love

  7. This is confirmation of a step that I just took. Like you, I have debt that I am ready to pay off but the job that I am at is low paying and literally making me sick!
    I took nine days vacation and decided the same thing! I am so done with being a common woman, with playing small, with being financially limited.
    Within this time off I decided to have a really good look at myself and I realised that deep within I still carry the picture of poverty that I experienced as a child.
    I have let go because like you, I have more than enough I have everything because God is my source!
    I am excited to give updates!

  8. I am so excited about the 40 day program and the other information like this. I needed the support to ditch grievances and be closer to God and to eliminate the distractions. I see changes already and I’m only on Day 14(for the 3rd day! 🙂 )
    Thanks Lisa!

  9. I am leaving my littleness and am living in abundance I have very little but I have everything as I write this to you today I will live in abundance simply because I have written this to you lots of love — Simon

  10. Hi I have decided to live in abundance and have everything simply because I have written this to you lots of love – from Simon

  11. Thank you Lisa, for sharing your abundance idea shift with me today. I am so sick of going through the motions of asking what can I do to change this lack I perceive… asking myself why am I resisting doing what I should, asking why and how and then not acting on ideas that are constantly in my mind.
    Today, I am through with procrastinating. . .through with planning how to change and then not following the plan…through with concentrating on what I “need”.
    I am a child of God…I am a part of the Christ spirit and I already have all I need…I am now centered in focusing on these truths.

  12. Oh WoW! You bring GORGEOUS FOR GOD to life in this blog post! You ARE the most amazing wonderful example of living the TRUTH AND LIGHT that YOU ARE! I love you Lisa! Always and ever xxxx

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