How to Go From Seeking to Loving

from seeking to knowing

A lot of people write to us wanting to know how to stay in Peace all the time. I want to talk about going from Seeking to Loving because this is how to experience Peace right now.

We all have this question at some point on the spiritual path. This is because after the first experience of joy, certainty and feeling that occurs when the light comes in for the first time subsides, the light source that came in starts to do it’s natural thing (which is to dispel the darkness and delusional thoughts of separation).

The beliefs and memories that made and support the delusional thoughts begin to dismantle and it can be quite startling and often scary.

This does pass. But for some many years pass before they experience the full benefits of the light because there can be great resistance to letting go of the attachments and beliefs in the physical world.

The desire to be happy based on what we believe will make us happy is exposed as temporary and fleeting no matter if it’s money, relationships, fame, power, great job, whatever.

There is a way to respond to all of the activities of the false self and be happy no matter what and it’s so simple you might miss it…so watch closely with an open mind and a desire to be a lover of Truth.

Watch closely.

How to Go From Seeking to Loving

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See if you recognize the way to do this.

My Video for: To Heal is to make Happy talk.

If you’re not sure, write to me in the comments below and I’ll give you additional ideas and support that will help you to absolutely know how to do this or how to follow a few tips until you understand and apply this in your own life with real and permanent results.

Experience of Inner peace

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This is also an example of how this global community for Spiritual Awakening will support you as you go from being a Truth Seeker to a Lover of Truth.

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13 Comments on “How to Go From Seeking to Loving”

  1. I keep trying to get happy but over the last 6 months I can’t find my joy not in any situation it’s like a door suddenly closed and I can’t find the key ……the darkness of the world has undone everything I learned and worked on up to this point I want to regain it thank you

    1. Hi Janet, What is aware of this thought or belief you wrote here? Stay in Awareness of the belief as the Sky watches the clouds pass by. Don’t join the thought. You are aware of it. Stay there. Be Aware and don’t touch the thought with “I” . <3

    1. Yes! Awareness, Love, God, Presence, Holy Spirit, all the same. I used get thrown off with names that seemed to be outside of me. 3rd party, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, etc. until I discovered I am all of them as unchangable, nonjudgmental, present and eternal Awareness. <3

  2. Loved this. Sometimes when we have an experience we want to recreate it again and again. The awareness comes in many ways to us. Not everyone is going to have a burning bush. That experience was to wake up Moses. All experiences are sacred. Yours and mine will be different but just as important for our individual awaking. We awaken on many levels. Love this course.

  3. Hi Bill, thanks for the video. I understand that awareness is the answer, but in the paragraph above you mention “support that will help you to absolutely know how to do this or how to follow a few tips until you understand and apply this in your own life with real and permanent results”. I totally get that awareness is the beginning of truth, however I am having trouble at times being able to have that awareness when I need it most; Like when I get in an argument with my wife and my awareness goes out the window and we have words, that then turn into a few days of being uncomfortable. So I would like to know how to apply it in my life with real and permanent results. I think my whole family would benefit s much as me. Thanks again. Paul

    1. Hi Paul, I just saw this post. Thanks for the question. You are right that everyone benefits when we access awareness and live from the experience of love and clarity. The way to do this is like building a muscle or learning a skill. Awareness is your natural state of Being and we have forgotten this along the way. Remembering is the the first step in noticing this aware presence, We must practice ,practice, practice short moments of awareness until it becomes a new default. You must want it more than being right and you find it in not responding but resting in the discomfort and noticing the activity of your own mind without giving attention to emotions, beliefs and the personal self interest. Awareness is still and judges not. Herein lies the Peace of God. Peace to you <3

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