Into the Presence of I AM: Part 2

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Last week we walked through the essence of having a direct experience in the true self by allowing the illusion to step back and inviting I AM that I AM The Being to step forward.

This week we are intentionally dropping the pronouns and embodying holiness.

We are allowing silence and presence to pervade and envelop this connection and direct experience of Being what God is.

If you have energy around these ideas of being what God is, dropping the pronouns just notice that and rest right there abiding in the awareness of all experience.


Please click here to download and listen to the Mp3 audio.

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I love you.

Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation

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2 Comments on “Into the Presence of I AM: Part 2”

  1. Bill – you are such a gift. Thank you for sharing non-duality. It so resonates with me – it is where the Course is headed – where I am headed. Namaste indeed šŸ™‚

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