Life Explained in 4 Short Sentences

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I saw this poster on Facebook this morning – “Perspective 101” – and it perfectly sums up life in 4 short sentences.

It also happens to be the entire message of A Course in Miracles condensed in 4 quick easy to remember bullet points.

This week I invite you to LIVE and PRACTICE these 4 sentences in your life – to watch how drastically your experience changes.

First, think about the “something happening” part. Think about events and circumstances in your life that seem to be happening. It could be your health, things involving your relationships, your work or money. It could be someone said something to you that caused a chain reaction of other events.

Jesus in A Course in Miracles uses the word “seem” a lot – and that’s because everything that happens to you is actually not happening at all, it only SEEMS that way.

And then the mind automatically makes up a story. Pay extremely close attention this week to the swiftness of how fast the mind starts telling details of what just happened.

See if you can go a whole week and not tell any details of the things you think are happening. The ego goes nuts on this one! It has to tell someone! But see if you can just observe and be aware this week of the play of the mind. Pay attention to your emotional state. Pay attention to the thoughts you’re having. Pay attention to how often the mind goes to the past and replays what it thinks happened back then. Then pay attention to how often the mind goes to the future and thinks about what will happen out there.

Remember Workbook Lesson 5 in A Course in Miracles: “I am never upset for the reason I think.”

That’s astonishing! You are never upset for the reason you think.

You think you are upset because of A, B, C, D or E. Your mind can absolutely pinpoint a specific reason why it’s upset.

Then it goes on to say in Workbook Lesson 6: “I am upset because I see something that is not there.”

You think people are doing things to you. You think life is doing something to you. You may think you are being punished or tested, but nothing at all is going on! This is A Course in Miracles.

You are “training your mind in a systematic way to a different perception of everyone and everything in the world.”

What’s amazing to me is that these lessons are given to us on Day 5 and Day 6 of the one-year mind-training! Jesus gives them to us right in the very first week of the workbook lessons.

And yet, how many of us have completed the one year training of the workbook lessons (or 20-year training for some of us!) and still we believe that things are happening to us that shouldn’t be happening. I AM NEVER UPSET FOR THE REASON I THINK.

Jesus is quite clear when he says: “Nothing at all has happened but that you have put yourself to sleep and dreamed a dream in which you were an alien to yourself and but a part of someone else’s dream.”

Whenever I feel upset, the way I find joy and freedom is with this thought: Everything is FOR me. Click To Tweet

I think things like: Everything is for my good. Everything is a gift from God. I love life. I love what is happening. How exciting change is occurring! I asked for change, and here it is! It’s not happening the way I expected or anticipated, but I am rejoicing that everything is for my good and the good of the world. Let me remember the truth. Let me remember that I am the light of the world. This event (the situation that seems to be happening) does not have the power to pull me into darkness. It does not have the power to disturb my peace. I am the holy Son of God Himself and I absolutely can remain in joy because is God is here with me, now.

Today – and for this week – I invite you to live the above poster and the 4 steps.

  1. Pay close attention – be aware! – to the things you think are happening in your life. (see #1 in the poster above)
  2. Realize nothing is happening (#2)
  3. Be aware of how you tell stories about what you think is happening (#3)
  4. Realize that the story you tell (even quietly in your mind) is creating your reality as you think you experience it. (#4)

You might want to buy a new journal this week and keep track of the thoughts and stories and situations that pass through your mind.

You can choose to see everything differently.

If you are new to this kind of thinking, I encourage you to get a copy of A Course in Miracles.

Imagine if you were to LIVE the above poster for one week – as a science experiment in your life.

I encourage you to do it. For one week, pay attention to the “something happening”.

Then realize “nothing is happening.” Watch how the ego goes ballistic over this one because it means the game is over, and the ego goes absolutely nuts when your mind tells it that nothing is happening when SO CLEARLY SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. Just try this one on and see what happens.

Then watch how you tell a story to yourself and to others about what you think is happening. Watch how the mind scrambles to find a solution to your pain and problems. Watch how it makes you and others a victim.

Then realize you can simply let it all go. You can trust that everything that seems to happen to you IS FOR YOUR GOOD.

Everything that seems to happen is attempting to wake you up, so you remember your wholeness and perfection.

“The miracle does not awaken you but merely shows you who the dreamer is. It teaches you there is a choice of dreams while you are still asleep, depending on the purpose of your dreaming. Do you wish for dreams of healing or for dreams of death? A dream is like a memory in that it pictures what you wanted shown to you. An empty storehouse with an open door holds all your shreds of memories and dreams. Yet if you are the dreamer, you perceive this much at least—that you have caused the dream and can accept another dream as well. But for this change in content of the dream, it must be realized that it is you who dreamed the dreaming that you do not like. It is but an effect which you have caused, and you would not be cause of this effect.” -A Course in Miracles


Try this for one week.

To see your  life transform dramatically in a few days by doing things differently will make you want to make a life-time commitment to living in a new way. You will realize that while you are never in control of the circumstances that seem to occur, you ALWAYS have the power to control your attitude, emotions & responses.

If you want to participate in this GREAT EXPERIMENT with me, please leave a comment to let me know you are in.

I love you.


Lisa Natoli is the creator of The 40-Day Program for Transformation (which is totally free!) and The Healing Cure: an 8-week online coaching program for True Healing.

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36 Comments on “Life Explained in 4 Short Sentences”

  1. Love the fresh eyes that ACIM and your insight provide. Permission to let go, be present and play with consciousness and joy. Thanks Lisa.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    I am all in, and I really love to live my Life in this way. I feel protection and Inspiration, whenever I connect to the power of Gods love. And thank you every much for all your nice posts.
    Love you
    Barbara from germany

  3. Bingo! Keeping it simple. Remaining aware – noticing is key. [‘Watch our thoughts like a hawk’].

  4. I am totally in. I find reading the background and being given acim practice is so helpful. To focus on one of the lessons. Thank-you for this valuable post and this one week experiment! Here I go! Have my journal and will be aware of the stories I tell, notice them, in my mind and in writing, and practice seeing it, and choosing to see it differently, even giving it up to God to release.

  5. i’m in!!! I love this! It makes me laugh as I catch myself chatty about nothing. I do realize I am the dream maker too! jeez.. Thanks for the awareness of Light!! You are fun and you are clear on this material. I love that!

  6. Lisa, this is brilliant! Thanks for being a blessing in my living. I’ll have the attention of a ‘hawk’!

  7. I’ve just found you a few days ago and am immensely enjoying the 40 day program! Thankyou endlessly for all your time, efforts & love x ACIM keeps popping up in my awareness over the last two months so I’ve purchased a
    Copy and am devouring all I can 🙂 x Much love to you Lisa, and all the souls you pour light on! x

  8. Who walks with me? Is a 5th point required to say we are never alone?
    I am “all in” for this practice!

  9. nothing is happening. nothing is outside my mind. i am not in the world; the world is in my mind. all things i think i see are reflections of ideas. these ideas (that seem to appear as limited things, limited events, limited bodies) are arising from the the one mistaken thought that i am apart from God … apart from His One Creation, and are arising in the part of my mind that needs healing.

    Jesus, i forgive this one mistaken thought and release it to You for correction. i am willing to accept the Atonement. beyond the veil this one thought – belief had hidden lies a world of limitless, holy, changeless expressions of God’s Creation ~ Love. and it is all unfolding in my Christ Mind. there is no world and nothing happening outside of this Love that is found within…

    the well continues to deepen.

  10. Thank you so much Lisa – it is so perfekt timing for mee – I am so happy for – the way you pick out places from the book – and put them together for us to be abel to wake up more eaceli – In love—- Helle

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