Living at the Summit of Our Highest Desire

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Desire brought us here and it is this equal intensity of Desire that takes us home where we never left the heart of God.

This past week Lisa and I presented at the Boston 2019 A Course in Miracles Conference. We also presented for the post conference workshop. Taking the conference home.

We saw this great documentary a few weeks before the conference. It was so relevant to Awakening and the training, determination and uncompromising yes required to see the Real World the Course speaks about and to know the Self. We both decided we wanted to show a trailer clip in our post conference workshop and discuss it with the audience.

Free Solo (trailer below) is about a guy who was the first person ever to Free Solo the 3000’ Granite Mountain known as El Capitan. He did it straight up and even on outward angle a little bit to achieve what no other person has ever done. Risking his life to achieve the seeming impossible. Many have attempted this feat to their demise until Alex Honnold in 2017.






For me, it was obvious that this young man had many years of mind training to overcome his own doubts, fears, self-talk, and the uncertainties. All of these seem to run in most everyone’s head and create resistance and obstacles to accessing our higher experience, our higher good and our unlimited potential. Does this sound familiar?

For Lisa, it was about mind training just like A Course in Miracles. It required years of mental readiness training and physical training, focus and vigilant determination to accomplish this highest desire. At about that time or two years prior he took on a girlfriend that scared us (for him) as a distraction. We wanted him to lose the girlfriend and live!

This is just like the spiritual teaching of Jesus 2000 years ago when he (Jesus) said he who seeks to lose his life will save it. An example of this is Alex Honnold. He was willing to lose his life to make it to the top of El Capitan, what no person has ever done before became a burning desire in his heart. Willing to lose his life to make it to the top.

On a spiritual journey, we must lose our personal self-identity completely 100% to access the portal to the “I” Self as God created us. This brings up a whole other subject and word. God created us. Who is God? (a topic of another blog perhaps). Other than a religious name given to something that can’t be named, and yet the source of what everything is.

On this journey of awakening we are all looking for our highest desire to attain some kind of enlightenment or higher consciousness that will bring fulfillment to our existence and hopefully tell me who I am, what I am, or make me happy.

In the world, we look for happiness in relationships, accomplishments, or happiness through experiences, drugs, alcohol, wealth, sex, fame, fortune on and on to endless objects of experience seeking to bring us to seeming happiness and fulfillment.

Is all of this seeking a great big cosmic distraction to myself to keep me from being still (quiet Stillness)? In this present moment and recognizing that I am happiness, that I am peace, fulfilled in every moment with the presence of God, as God presence, as the I AM of God. I Am my  highest Desire of all experience even beyond human form to the Experience of Pure Presence. A direct and natural experience of what God is.

Living in the happiness of our own being is right under our noses, and we don’t see it because we’re seeking after the objects of experience thinking that we are a personal self-identity. The person and image that I have made.

Alex Honnold is using all the tools that one needs to awake from the dream of seeming separation. He’s an enlightened Master and he probably doesn’t even know it.

What he has accomplished without knowing much about spiritual ideas is the same laser focus and devotion of attention or single desire that we need or that a seeker needs to access the portal to his own highest desire and resurrection.

To know the “I” Self, this is required of all of us if we are to release ourselves from this prison house image we have made in time and space and experience the Pure nature of our own being as created by what God is.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alex with a large community or following one of these days using these same principles to help others make it to their own  true summit. After all, the energy of what drives anyone to their highest desire is the same energy that is looking for it. it’s source and knows not what it is or what they are.

To know thyself and the nature of our own being.

After watching this trailer video I’m going to invite you to contemplate this question.

What is my highest desire?

What do I believe is keeping me from attaining this?

Do I want this above all else?

Am I willing to lose myself and whatever that means for me? To find it or to reach it?

Really answer this question, be honest.

You’re not guilty for any of it but if there are obstacles that are keeping you small, limited and holding you back from reaching your highest potential, it’s time to look at it in the quiet presence of Your own awareness and allow it to be what it is.

Welcome whatever thoughts feelings or beliefs that seem to be distracting or hiding or keeping you a prisoner of your own experience that is holding you back or seemingly keeping you small.

My dedication is above all else I want to see, and above all else I am that I am. Click To Tweet

What is yours?

Write to me and let me know what your highest desire is and if you feel like it write down what is keeping you from attaining it what are you willing to let go to attain this highest desire.

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Join us going all the way to the Summit of God as we embody Christ Presence

We’ve got this!

I love you.


Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation


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4 Comments on “Living at the Summit of Our Highest Desire”

  1. I’m an 82 yr. old woman and recovering from a 3 year illness. Just as I began to feel good another set back occurs. I overcome that with God’s help, and something else pops up. I completed the Hospice Course, and then my doc said that my immune system is too compromised to be around sick people. So they gave me office work, and my back went into a spasm from the project I was working on. I considered quitting. even though I didn’t want to. I felt useless. Before I made the decision to quit I called on God, as me, to guide me. The first day nothing happened. The second day I went to my book collection and pulled out the book, The Four Agreements. I had not looked at that book for about 4 years. All I can say is that I was “lead”. The first Agreement is to be impeccable with my words. I took that to mean that I did give my word to do the program. (1) They invested time and money to train me (2) I really want to work with this program. (3) I often take the easy way out, and I rehearsed telling them that it wasn’t working for me, and planned to use my frail health, and my age, as an “excuse”, to not continue. (4) they want me to continue and gave me an accommodation. I just couldn’t do it, so I decided to be honest with myself. I have used these reasons to get out of things before. I decided to stay with the program, and I could work with people who are in their own homes, not in hospital or nursing homes where there is much sickness. This week two possibilities opened for me, as well as my desire to complete the project. I started by just doing it in 2 hour increments and I’ll do that until the project is done. I did ask Holy Spirit to help me to see this opportunity in a different way…to have another vision. I try to see myself as “Whole, Complete and Satisfied”. I’ve worked with the Course for 20 years and have even taught, and I’m seen in my area as someone to go to for clarification, but this healer has been unable to heal myself. I did lose my spirit those 3 years that I was ill. I never opened my Course book. I bought Robert Perry’s new version, and never looked at it. I’m coming back pretty grounded in the Course. I do have my challenges since I was very inactive during those 3 years.

    Recently my shelter dog had a sore that she kept licking. She’s an old girl, and she had to wear the “collar of shame”. We were very frustrated, and one day I decided to see her as healed. And she was. The sore has healed over, and she no longer licks it. No more collar.

    I no longer have a group to work with, so I’m working on my own. I recently took the 40 day Course, and it helped me to get back on my path. I’m on a limited income, so I cannot take the more advanced classes, but I seem to be OK right now.

    Thanks for letting me comment. I do receive your emails and I take part in what I can.


    1. Hi Elizabeth, great accounts of single focus and the pull to keep going. This is our dedication to over ride adversity and we only require a small willingness for the light to step forward in our remembering. Keep going. Be gentle on yourself and give over every thought, feeling or belief into the pure light of quiet awareness. This is the light of our being and everything is resolved right here. All my love to you.

      Thanks for joining us:-)

  2. It’s a very good thing that we are not being asked to fall off a cliff. Holy Spirit’s guidance is asking us not to risk death but to defy the thought that death is real. By following the guidance of The Course, I am asked to risk soaring, not falling. My reason for following my brother, Jesus, into the seeming unknown is because The Course has never, ever lied to me. Ever. I have never been asked to do or be anything which God has not created. My reality is steeped in love of my True Power, not the danger of hanging off a cliff.

    As an ego-mind, I can appreciate the fortitude and commitment this young man displayed in his effort to scale El Capitan. As a Child of God, I know this and all other “last useless journeys” are not my need. I have nothing to prove, nothing to desire. All is given. As an ego-mind, the outcome promised by the goal of The Course can seem as petrifyingly dangerous and threatening as hanging off a 3,000-foot rock. As a Child of God, I walk with God in perfect holiness… and safety.

    From Lesson 153: “Be not afraid or timid. There can be no doubt that you will reach your final goal. The ministers of God can never fail because the love and strength and peace that shine from them to all their brothers come from Him. These are His gifts to you. Defenselessness is all you need to give Him in return. You lay aside but what was never real to look on Christ and see His sinlessness.”

    And safety.

    1. Great! quotes here Baraka. The metphor for the blog is more relevant to surmounting all obstacles in favor of the resurrection and the complete identification as the Christ which has one requisite. This does not require sacrifice but the single desire of the Son for the Father. <3 This is the kind of desire Alex Honnold demonstrated <3

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