Making It Real When Nothing Is True


True Awareness sees and judges not the appearance of thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, without a past or future reference or label of any kind. This is a radical and very necessary practice in experiencing the real world and actually having a new default of inner peace as your life experience.

Practice, practice, practice is the key component. Ultimately you will prove this to yourself as a direct experience by practicing the principles of awakening to Spirit as Spirit while seeming to live in time and space as a body.

You can do this.

Wayne Dyer wrote a book years ago, I love the title: You’ll See It When You Believe It. Contemplate that for just a moment.

The only way we will ever see change in the world as we see it is when we release ourselves from the belief system that holds us to the experience we’re having.

The only way we will ever see change in the world as we see it is when we release ourselves from the belief system that holds us to the experience we’re having. Click To Tweet

In this video I talk about my practice of dealing with physical experiences/symptoms as a student and teacher of spiritual laws and the real benefits of mind training, Christ Vision, Awareness while having physical accidents or health challenges myself.

See for yourself how I deal with it (and dealing with it isn’t the right term).

Making It Real When Nothing Is True

We are so lucky to know what we know. This is being in the right place at the right time.

This video has 6 steps that can lead you to the experience of transcending physical pain and the suffering that goes along with identification with the body as the self.

  1. Intention
  2. Devotion
  3. Listening as Awareness, Non-Judgemental
  4. Getting Quiet
  5. Become the Witness
  6. Surrendering into the Presence of Being

This is where the rubber hits the road and I hope it will give you a helpful example leading to your own direct experience of Inner Peace and a deeper relationship with Divine Love and God Presence.

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And now I’d love to hear from you…

Please let me know what surfaced for you from watching today’s video, or any questions you have in the comment stream below. I will be reading and responding to all of the comments there, and I look forward to hearing from you.

All my Love,


Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation

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34 Comments on “Making It Real When Nothing Is True”

  1. So beautifully said and demonstrated through your experiences. Cannot thank you enough for this deeply meaningful reminder of being the witness and “being the sky” and watching the clouds pass by. Perfect! Namaste.

  2. Thank you Bill, this is very helpful for me to think of when I feel intense fear in certain situations, such as speaking or playing piano in public. I have great difficulty centering myself.

    Also, this is helpful to people who may have developed an addiction to pain killers, and are so focused on eliminating the pain instantly.


    1. Hi Monika, so true. I have had that same thing happen with pain killers. They can be very subtle before taking over. I also effectively used wb lesson 91 when that happened after a surgery. Miracles are seen in the light.

  3. Thank you Bill. First heard you on Regina Dawn Akers and was always impressed with your sincerity and enthusiasm. As I have said before,that I was so happy when you joined my other favorite my long time teacher,the lovely Lisa,and formed the Teachers if God. So excited about your new teaching as I have studied ACIM and Christian Science for years. Christ healing is done that way , by seeing the spiritual self in place matter. Thanks again so much.

    1. Oh! thank you. Yes I love Regina and our lifetime connection and love for truth. And yes! Lisa is a great! partner and friend. We continue to inspire each other as we listen to the truth and share the gifts we recieve. Namaste…

  4. Thanks Bill!! This is so helpful to me. I am a yoga instructor and a very active person. I I was injured 6 weeks ago and like you, I was able to be the witness for the first week, but unfortunately I slowly forgot the truth of who I am and I became identified with the body and the pain. Your blog is a wonderful reminder that I am not this body. I am love and light. I feel better already😃


  5. Thank you again brother. Your presence in my journey brings greater strength to my practice.
    in deep gratitude, nicci

  6. Thank you Bill I loved your video post because is so practical. Could you please spell for me the names of your espirtual guides that you speak at the begining of the video?
    Thank you and thank you for sharing your light to our world.

  7. So helpful. I listened yesterday to you tell this with Lisa on a July broadcast, ther u mentioned “forget the Course” Less 189, I believe, and so I knew that Quoting the phrases wasn’t the thing, bc they r outside of me. I have suffered with chronic MS pain for 7 yrs, I took ur advise to first be still, I’m not debilitated by this sensation, i am as G created me, Being…….just got up when I was ready and made my supper,with the strength the body had, which is always been limited, my pains didn’t stop me, I did my task, and am joyfully writing you (something I’ve never done) and want to say thank You for sharing how you dealt with pain, and was able to watch it pass like a cloud…..I have a new tool! ty

  8. Thank you Bill for this significant pathway. I appreciate you and Lisa’s teachings.
    I will continue to practice and remember who I am.

  9. Blessings Bill. Thank you. You always keep it real and are such a gift to us all. Yes practice practice helps lots as well as reminders and new insight from you and Lisa along the way. So glad you were able to do the Camino. Peace in Jesus.

  10. Wow Bill! This was so wonderful! I immediately started practicing this and felt results. This is powerful! I am stoked to let this be my new practice. <3 🙂

  11. Thank you Bill for this very helpful video. It is funny (not haha) how I was thinking that I haven’t seen anything from Bill lately and I really get so much out of your teachings. I love your very gentle and sincere nature that comes through. So then this video shows up in my inbox. I find that when I feel body pain, I often remind myself that the pain is in my mind, and when I do this it starts to diminish and disappear. Love you Bill!

    1. Hi Karen thank you for the comments and for being part of our growing community and pure reflection of God’s love. This is the great awakening 🙂

  12. Thank you, Bill. I’m so grateful to be a part of this community. We need these reminders when the physical world can seem so real. Today is one of those days even after five years of daily practice. Love you, Shasta

  13. Thank you Bill – this is a great reminder – everything is healed inside out and not vice versa. sometimes though I want a result…a particular result – and I get in the way of being the witness to what is. Thank you for sharing your path.

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