One Practice Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever

Filling the gap with love

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Have you ever felt disconnected and alone? (of course, who hasn’t?)

Have you felt shut off from your creativity and joy?

Do you feel stuck, incapable of making anything change?

Do you feel so overwhelmed that you just don’t know where to start?

If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place!

Most people try to find more motivation and inspiration through intention, goal-setting and action.

But let’s be honest: How often does that really change anything?

Yes, sometimes, the diet works, the new plan works and you’re able to stick with it. And sometimes you can buckle down and work really hard, push really hard and make more money, make something happen. You ask people for help. You can get really clear on what you want, but that doesn’t always work either, does it?

And besides, that’s just exhausting. You “made” something happen through sheer effort, discipline and willpower.

But when you let down your guard for a few hours (because it’s tiring pushing to make something happen), the old habits come rushing in.

So do you want to try something new, do you want a practice that you probably have never done before that really DOES change the energy of your life circumstances?

Here it is: Fill the gap between you and other people with love.

One Practice Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever

You don’t have to physically be with another person to do this. When you think of someone, feel the space between you and the thought of the person with love.

A Course in Miracles, which is a beautiful mind-training program for transformation that’s available in book form, says that when you believe you are a body, then you believe others are in bodies, separate from you and when we meet there is a gap between us and the gap – the space between us – is left unoccupied.

We meet another and most people fill the gap with their story, grievances, pain, problems, symptoms, complaining and negativity.

A miracle is a shift in thinking – it’s a return to sanity – where “you get it” that you have the ability to fill the space between you and another with love, gratitude and appreciation.

You can do this with words or wordlessly.

It’s already been scientifically that your thoughts have the power to change water, rice and plants. They have done studies that show that when you send love, it affects matter.

When you send love, it changes the molecular structure of water, rice and plants.

So imagine what it can do with people!

Try it out for a week, as an experiment.

See everyone as your friend.

Why would you do this you ask? For entirely selfish reasons! Because the love you give comes back to you a thousand times more, and your life suddenly starts to flow again.

If you have been experiencing pain and sickness, try this out. You have nothing at all to lose by testing this out in your life!

Whenever you see another, or think of another, or meet another, see no space between you and then fill “the space” (which is no space) with love, gratitude and appreciation.

There is actually no gap between you and others. You are joined with everyone and everything, in love. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

You are joined with everyone and everything, in love. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Click To Tweet

But while you believe you are a body, you think you are alone and this is why life reflects back to you difficulties and problems. You are off-center, off-balance and the world you think you see reflects your thoughts and beliefs.

Do not allow others to be sick. Do not see him as sick. Do not see him as suffering. If you do, there is a gap between you, and now you are sick also.

“Do not allow your brother to be sick, for if he is, have you abandoned him to his own dream by sharing it with him. He has not seen the cause of sickness where it is, and you have overlooked the gap between you, where the sickness has been bred. Thus are you joined in sickness, to preserve the little gap unhealed, where sickness is kept carefully protected, cherished, and upheld by firm belief, lest God should come to bridge the little gap that leads to Him. Fight not His coming with illusions, for it is His coming that you want above all things that seem to glisten in the dream.” –A Course in Miracles, Chapter 28

I know no better gift that you can give yourself than to dedicate your life to transformation and awakening. We’re moving into the holiday season. Give yourself a gift: the gift of seeing everything truly, as One with you.

You have love to give and when you give it, it comes back to you a million times brighter.

You have love to give and when you give it, it comes back to you a million times brighter. Click To Tweet

Instead of thinking others as separate from you, flood them with love, with thoughts of gratitude and appreciation. Try it for a day, a few days or a week.

Then I would love to hear from you!

Come on back here after you have tried this out and leave a comment below about the “miracles” that have occurred – which are not really miracles at all. A miracle is a natural result of you using your mind in a natural way, extending love and being love.

Please leave as much detail as possible.

What did you do and what changes occurred?

Thousands of people come through the Teachers of God Foundation website every week and there is nothing more motivating than to see this stuff works when you give it a try.

Thank you so much for reading this and for the willingness to test these ideas out in your life and then to share your perspective with us and others.

Let’s fill this space – and every space – with love!



Lisa Natoli

Co-Founder, Teachers of God Foundation

p.s. If you would like to be surrounded by an amazing community of like-minded people who are committed to personal and spiritual transformation, be sure and check out The Transformation Room. We are opening the doors again for 4 days only at the end of November! You can learn more and get on the waitlist here. Hope to see you inside!


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26 Comments on “One Practice Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever”

  1. Thank you Lisa. I know this lesson from you and other sources. I have forgotten it because everyday I see headlines and news of people saying and doing things totally opposite of who I am. Part of your message is so true for me which is – I can do this for this person or that person but these people “no frigging way” So today I return to the energy of not having to accept what others say or do but close the gap of current separation with love. Oneness will be my focus. You asked that we return and comment on results. OK and with that sending you much love BTW you look great I love the long hair.

  2. Thank you, LIsa. Just what I needed to hear. I will do whatever I can to fill the gap with love.
    I totally agree with Steve – you look great with the long hair. And no glasses? Did you loose those because of healing or contact lenses…? 🙂
    By the way, I love the cup in your window. It’s Danish design 🙂

    1. Royal Copenhagen!!! I love Denmark. I love you Trine. I wear my glasses about 30 percent of the time now. While Driving. Movies, Netflix binges (The Designated Survivor, Mr. Robot) and whenever I need to see far distances (like when I am teaching and I want to see the whole room), otherwise I don’t need them. My #1 saying to Bill for the past year is: Have you seen my glasses? I can’t find my glasses? Like right now, I have no clue where they are. I take them off and then I don’t know where I put them. Filling every space with love!!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for sharing your discoveries… You are truly a determined detective on a mission for LOVE…. I have been experiencing amazing shifts lately as I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga, chanting Mantras and of course meditation, prayer and communion with God, the Holy Spirit and all of my precious spiritual guides. One of the kriya practice is called Miracle Mantra repeating the same words (in Sanskrit) for 5 minutes and then you meditate for a few minutes forming a triangle with your fingers (index and thumb) in front of your heart….. Then that’s when the magic happens….. you start doing longer breath in and out from the nose. You imagine breathing in Love & Light coming from the Universe Life Force Energy (GOD) and entering your Heart Center, and as you breath out, you release all that no longer serves you (the pain, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, envy, etc.) You feel your Heart center expanding and the light is getting bigger and brighter….. (I like to imagine an altar of Love & Light at the level of your Heart Center). Next, you imagine breathing in all the pain and suffering from the people surrounding you; I see it entering my Heart Center and dissolving on the altar of truth and forgiveness and as I breathe out, the light expands and is extended back out to all the people around me and even the whole wide world. I do that for as long as I feel the need to do it (between 2 to 5 minutes). At the end, you can rest in the quietness of your happy mind. It’s pretty amazing! This practice is to be done for 40 days, preferably in the morning. I’ve been doing it for over 10 days and it as been so magical for me and my personal life…. my heart is filled with gratitude, love, peace and joy…. I keep saying ” I’m a happy child of God…. End of story!” and Imagine if everybody took the time to do this every single day for 10 minutes….. I want to believe that it will happen some day.💖🌍☀️
    So your practice of extending love where there is space made me think of the practice that I’m doing right now. Bless you Lisa and bless the whole wide world ⭐️❤️😇 NAMASTE 🙏

    1. And YES, I have imagined if everyone took the time every single day for 10 minutes. I bless you. Thank you for the way you show up in life.

  4. I feel kind of silly posting here because I’m going to see you in a couple of days and have so much to say to you. But I guess this is for posterity so…

    Before I watched the video on this page, I re-watched your interview with James Kelly for the ATL conference. I will watch that a hundred times if only because of the sureness it brings me that my Christ-mind has put me on the right track. The words I hear the Voice for God speak in that interview are reaffirming enough to let me recognize the Truth, yet new enough for me to listen intently to the message they are triggering in my Mind.

    Next, as I started to listen to the video on this page, you referenced Chapter 28. Now that is something interesting because this is the fourth or maybe the fifth time this week Chapter 28 has come up in various conversations. Then Lisa Natoli mentions it again and so… ALL RIGHT… I get it. So I have to stop and read Chapter 28 again.


    I don’t know (actually I DO know) if it’s because of just having listened to your interview with James, but…


    Right off the get-go: “The miracles does nothing. All it does is to undo. And thus it cancels out the interference to what has to be done.”

    And then: Let the Miracle commence!

    I start with people whom I know I will have trouble filling the space between with love. Only this time, I’ve got no trouble filling the space between with love. I mean I go through all the usual suspects. Family, friends, not-so-friends, not-even-used-to-be-friends. And then I get to the big one, Trump. Certainly, I will find it impossible to fill the space between myself and… And there’s the miracle. I can’t call him a name. I can’t refer to him in even the least derogatory terms. So maybe I’ll try feeling sorry for him. D’oh! Even that doesn’t work. And not only that, but I can’t even feel bad that I can’t do that.

    I have filled the space between two aspects of God’s Love with love and there is no room left for… well… anything else. I’ve got an idea… what if I let it sit and stew for a while. I’ll go read some Rachel Maddow and get a good crop of social injustice brewing and then…

    I don’t want to read any Rachel Maddow… or anything else for that matter. I suddenly hear myself saying an old mantra that had become meaningless over the past few years. I’d say it but wouldn’t mean it. “I am not willing to trade this for the Peace of God.” Only now, I apparently mean it because there’s nothing on the bad side of that trade. Nothing. There’s just me and Donald and a big glob of Christ Love between us. I don’t want there to be anything else. I’m quite happy to have it this way, in fact. I see him healed and whole and loved and content with God’s Love, as well.

    I have to admit this is a purely selfish gesture on my part. As you probably know, I’ve been bitchin’ and complainin’ about this little thing I’ve got going in my throat. And I’ve been saying (to no one in particular, apparently) that I am not willing to trade this for the Peace of God and have been getting nowhere with it. Gee. Do you think it’s possible that I have been saying it without really meaning it? D’oh! What do you suppose has been standing between myself and really meaning it? Could it be I’ve got a great big obstruction in the Love Canal? That I’ve been trading all sorts of crap for the Peace of God all along?

    Okay, let me try it again. Me and Donald, we be bro’s. There is not a single sliver of darkness you can slip between he and I. Tight. I can honestly say that I typed that without a drop of irony or sarcasm.

    To continue with Chapter 28:VII:1… God asks for nothing, and His Son, like Him, need ask for nothing. For there is no lack in him. An empty space, a little gap, would be a lack. And it is only there that he could want for something he has not. A space where God is not, a gap between the Father and the Son is not the Will of Either, Who have promised to be One.

    Just because I judge the view in the mirror as something I find undesirable does not place judgement on the mirror. In fact, that I continue to look in the mirror to see what it offers is the greatest testament to trust. I love the mirror. It is myself I will teach to be a better source for the reflection I see. And now that I understand what it is I am Truly seeing in the mirror, filling the gap between myself and my brother with love becomes a genuine piece of cake.

    So. Here’s to you, Donald. Happy Thanksgiving. I pray for love and joy for you without fear or lack. I pray that our ideas of the mirror’s function come to more closely match the ideals of God’s Love.

    And to you, dearOne***, Ms Lisa Natoli, Happy Thanksgiving and… cake!

  5. Beautiful Lisa. I am practicing this as I remember. At times the mind forgets and I gently remind it to remember the practice
    This morning reading the annotated edition of ACIM Lesson 78 ‘Let miracles replace all grievances’ I did not want the practice session to end. A big shift for me.
    I had a vision of my former partner standing outside the home we owned together standing facing each other. My grievances “the shield 🛡 I held up between us was laid down. I asked What next and waited expectantly .
    Jesus joined us to my right and the Holy Spirit to my left we formed a circle and held hands. So powerful as light from above streamed to us from God. We lifted our faces upwards and bathed in the joyous ness of the light and warmth of love. Then light streamed up from us and outwards to touch all creation around us. Uplifting and joyous.
    Then my former partner and I melded into each other as one and as Gods creation from there we radiated into light filled sparkles outward and upward joyously, knowing the peace love happiness and contentment.
    I have not experienced anything like this before and wanted to write it down and draw it. Will make do with my internal images and sharing on this page
    🙏🏻 Namaste

    1. Karen!!! Wow. And YAY. When we have the willingness to see things differently, the world we think we see changes. Thank you so much for your dedication and thank you for sharing this story with me. You are the light of the world. xoxo x

  6. This is such a great video. I just love you Lisa Natoli and everyone at TOG. Thank you for all you do!

    1. I love you Marcey! Thank you for the beautiful bright way you show up in the world. Thank you for being such a powerful Presence of light and love and joy and peace. xoxox

  7. Sounds great. But I struggle a bit with this extending love thing. I’m not even sure I know what it feels like. :/The closest i seem to be able to get to it is to let go of the mental attack directed to the person(s), to let go of the emotional charge felt when thinking of the person/group. Any tips? Would some sort of visualisation help? I’ve done the 40 day program which definitely shunted me into a much better space and recently finished the True Prosperity course which has helped some but feel i need to go over it again in my own time. I feel like I’ve missed something. I was hoping by now to at least start seeing SOME favourable change in circumstances, instead all i seem to experience is blocks and rejections.

    I’m a bit stuck with this idea of there’s no difference in the order of the size of miracles. If that were so, why can’t i just fully trust in the desired outcome, including setting a date for appearance of said miracle, and get the result? You know…. when you pray, believe it’s given and it is… we walk by faith not by sight etc? help? 😀 😀

    1. Hi Joseph! Thank you for this message. Did you try it? The best way I know when there is struggling is to try an idea in your life, experiment with the idea by practicing it, see for yourself. Let us know also some of the favourable changes. When you are determined to find them, you will find them.

  8. OMG! Lisa, I have been struggling with an old story for months. It seems to have kept me prisoner. This practice has brought me the most lasting peace; and literally overnight. Now whenever a thought comes up that tempts me to go off on a tirade, I just get calm and picture love between us. I can honestly say that I’m not looking forward to meeting up with any of those people from my past, however, I have never felt such lasting peace over the matter. Thank you for this practice! I love you! <3 🙂

    1. I love you Morris! Thank you for this message. When you meet them in your mind now, you actually are meeting them!!! The future is the realm of ego, and the ego is never looking forward to the future, it regrets everything and does it’s best to keep us in prison. But you actually discover that you meet these people NOW. You can talk with them, greet them, see them, love them. And it’s a real event. Thank you for the light you are.

  9. Thank you Lisa. I am going to start doing this right away, and send it to my daughter and several friends. I adore how you take a part of the course, and deliver it in such a relatable way


    1. Thank you Jim! I love this message. Thank you for posting. I appreciate your Presence here in the world and in my life.

  10. I am truly grateful for every event and program that I have committed to practice.The only problem is having to change passwords..One of the reasons I dont use fb

  11. Darling Lisa
    This is absolutely amazing! Thanks for this. So simple – yet profoundly powerful.
    Thank you for sharing.
    By the way – far too difficult to login and then comment with my photo – I tried numerous ways, but none worked.
    So this is me sending you love, appreciation, thanks and a delight that we are one in this all xxxx
    Jenny B. xxxx

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