Physician, healer, therapist, teacher, heal thyself.

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Physician, healer, therapist, teacher, heal thyself.

Over the years I have heard many Course in Miracles students and teachers say “there is nothing to heal” and in reality, that’s true. There is nothing to heal. You are whole, perfect, eternal, one with God, one with your Self and one with everyone and everything.

You are everywhere, in every blade of grass, in every molecule of air, in every grain of sand, in every atom, in every drop of water in the ocean, in every mind. So yes, that’s true: there is nothing to heal.

What you are cannot be sick, cannot be in pain, cannot suffer and cannot die.

So, yes, there is nothing to heal and nothing to do.

However. Do you know it?

Is this your experience?

Do you know your oneness, your wholeness, your perfection, your holiness?

Not “know it” intellectually, as a statement you quote that you read in a book or heard somewhere .. but KNOW IT, know it.

Because until you KNOW IT know it, then there is work to do.

A Course in Miracles, a systematic way “to persuade you to reverse your twisted way of looking at the world and your twisted way of looking at yourself” (ACIM Psychotherapy Booklet).

It mentions many times throughout the book to “heal yourself”.

“Physician, healer, therapist, teacher, heal thyself.” -A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is a practical way to notice WHERE you think you are and WHAT you think you are. If you are experiencing anything other than peace, love and joy – feeling the excitement and enthusiasm that comes with being totally connected as your True Self – then you can make a decision for transformation, healing and awakening through a deliberate conscious choice to change the picture of what you think you see.

I have a friend who had a growth on her face and was trying to heal it with A Course in Miracles. My advice to her was to identify with her True Self and BE IT. Look at all the thoughts that come up around the growth on her face and correct those thoughts with truth. She was feeling a lot of shame and guilt around it. It made her feel ugly and afraid. She covered it up with a band-aid and mostly began isolating in life. She wasn’t sure whether she should go to the doctors, have it checked out and removed. Or heal it with her mind.

Whenever there is a question of “what to do” the best course of action is always: Get still. Ask. Listen. And whatever guidance you receive, go with it.

So go to the doctor or don’t go to the doctor. That will always be revealed perfectly within when you ask. You will be told within what to do, where to go, what to say and even what not to say.

So many Course in Miracles teachers and students feel a tremendous amount of guilt because they are experiencing a body condition and then “feel bad” when they go to a doctor or take a pill or do something worldly. None of that matters, but WHAT DOES MATTER is that you see the guilt and heal the guilt.

The guilt is what makes you sick. And it’s the guilt that needs to be seen and then healed (removed) with forgiveness and love.

So my friend decided to go the doctor route and have the growth removed and they removed her band-aid that was covering up the growth. They did their work and replaced it with their band-aid, which was more like a big bandage.

When she got home, she removed the bandage and found a 3-inch scar on her face, and she wrote to me to say that she wants to heal the scar. She told me her husband said: I love you no matter what and I will love you always, even if that scar never goes away.

I wrote her back with the same advice I gave her initially when she first reached out to me: identify with your True Self and BE IT.

Here is the message I sent:

Hello gorgeous _______ !!!

I love you so much. You can always trust in whatever guidance is given to you and you can’t make a mistake. 

All healing is nothing more than to change the picture you see of yourself – nothing more and nothing less. 

So you can find out what “picture” you have been holding – maybe you think you are weak or frail or limited, unable to heal, etc. whatever comes up for you. 

and know that healing is a decision to see yourself in a new way  – to see a new picture of yourself OF WHAT YOU WANT TO BE. 

So, to see yourself as strong, clear, powerful, lovable – and maybe even add badass in there with your new awesome scar! Rock it. Radiate confidence and joy and light and love and SEE that THIS – my darling friend – is the picture I hold of you. So rock your authentic self. 

See yourself as creative, generous, powerful because that’s what you are. 


You wanted healing, and it is here. It is nothing more than a shift in perception where you see the picture you want to see: badass, generous, powerful, strong, creative, happy, bold, full of light and grace. 

I love you . 


And that’s my advice to anyone reading this blog, who is suffering from well, anything.

Change the picture of yourself.

This can easily be done, right now.

All sickness is a picture of yourself as weak, frail, vulnerable, guilty.

But you are not any of those things.

She wrote me back with a big I LOVE YOU and told me she laughed out loud when she read my message. I’m so glad. She wrote: “Lisa, I’m going to go put my badass sunglasses on and rock that scar.”

And then I woke up this morning to another email from her:

“Thanks, Lisa. I just realized…It’s my “point of viewing” that needs my badass adjustment. That is the only thing that needs to heal… I love you.

So, there you go. All we need is an adjustment to shift our point of viewing – from viewing ourselves as sick and weak and powerless to something that is truly in line with the truth.

Now, I would love to hear from you.

If you know from The 40-Day Program for Transformation, you know that I teach to “watch your thoughts and feelings like a hawk.” It’s a free online program that encourages you to live in a new way, consecutively and continuously for 40 days.

Well, it’s 43 days actually because there are 3 days of preparation as you make a commitment to let your old life and old ways of thinking go.

Your words matter. What you think about yourself matters. What you say about yourself matters. Click To Tweet

Your words and thoughts have power.

I invite you to come up with four words of WHAT YOU WANT TO BE and then go be it. These are your Core Values.

You can absolutely change the picture of yourself, by your own decision.

And then I invite you to post your words in the comment area below because it’s always a powerful thing to communicate your new state of being – your Core Values – of how you intend to show up. And bonus points: you can add your WHY you chose those words.

My words are BOLD and JOYFUL and VIBRANT and GENEROUS. 

Whenever my old way of thinking calls me to old patterns of hiding, isolating, feeling weak and limited, I call on these words to remember how I want to be. Bold, taking risks, following my heart. Joyful, because joy heals all sorrow and despair and I’m a joyful child of God. Vibrant, because I am alive with the love of God, overflowing with energy, power and presence. Generous because I have learned that the only way I continue to receive God’s gifts of peace, love, joy and light is to give these gifts and to give them generously. It keeps the channel open and flowing and that’s what I want.

So, what are your words? If you are not sure of your words, just sit with it. Think of how you want to be. If you are not sure, think of people who inspire you or who you admire? How are they showing up? How do they live their life?

Have fun with this exercise. Jesus from 2000 years ago gave us “the formula” for healing: Know thy Self. Pick up your bed and walk right of sickness, guilt and conflict.

You can walk right out of your old life today, by simply changing the picture of how you see yourself and how you want to be.

Go rock your Christ True Self, sharing the light of your Self with the world.

And healing is accomplished.

I love you.


Lisa Natoli is a healer, therapist and teacher of A Course in Miracles. She has devoted her life to healing, to inspiring people to reverse their twisted way of looking at the world and their twisted way of looking at themselves so that they know their True Self as One with God, as a co-creator with God.

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25 Comments on “Physician, healer, therapist, teacher, heal thyself.”

  1. A message I needed to hear this morning! I’m was facing a surgery before a trip to Europe. Filled with fear. When I got to the office the doctor listened and with living voice said let’s wait til I get home. Relief and leave immediate!

  2. Well well well! It’s 04:30 in the morning and I am awakened, yet gain, by the pain of arthritis…….and while I sip the fresh crisp morning air and the first coffee, I decide to open my email. And voila! there is the answer.
    Thank you Lisa, your words have not only helped to release a resentment I was holding about you, but have reminded me to listen once the question has been asked.

    With Love and Deep Gratitude

  3. I love this Lisa! I think we all have our scars, whether they be emotional or physical, from surviving the battleground on the level of form. But we can help each other to shift our perception and remember that the battle is actually over. I think it’s possible to rise above the battleground and look at ourselves lovingly and to forgive it all. This is not my true home anyway! We are just watching the replay, so the more forgiveness and light that we can shine on it and on ourselves the better!!! Thank you so much
    ♥️ Sandy

  4. Lisa, thank-you for sharing, always. It’s not easy to be constant in sharing the light. As we age, friends become deaf, then they become blind, then tragedy strikes in the family, over and over and over. To experience all this and to acknowledge it and to retain compassion for self and others, such is the goal of true living.

    My four words: my comfort is light.

    I see it in the morning sky, god lets me know reality. I see it in the sunset. God lets me know by his comforting colourful rays of joy. God never stops letting me know as he blinks down a glorious starry sky.
    I am never abandoned, as the light reaches me, even from this machine.

    The light is light and so too will all things pass but the morning, evening, and night sky reach out to me and I raise my arms letting go all the happenings of the day, knowing tomorrow my path is created for me to see.


  5. Thank you, Lisa for kickstarting my healing again! My four words are:
    Freedom – I am free and liberated of all attachments and obligations
    Light – I shine the Light of the world through me and I feel light as a feather!
    Joyful – I am radiating joy both inside and out!
    Colorful – I spread color throughout the world as it brings so much joy and beauty!
    Thank you and I Love You All! Xoxo

    1. Love this!! My four words are powerful! I often forget how powerful and expansive our minds are as the holy children of God! Radiant- I love knowing that God’a Light radiates from me and all around me! Peace- because with peace comes everything! Kind- for me this word wraps up forgiveness for myself and other, generous with giving and receiving, and loving.

  6. This is exactly what I needed to read today. My words are Strong- because it reminds that I am stronger than I think I am. Whole- I am not alone and isolated. I am One with God, Holy Spirit and all my brothers. Innocent- not guilty, there is nothing real that I need to hide or fear. Kind- I am my brother. There is no separation.

  7. Hey Lisa, I was just thanking Jesus for you and thought it might be a good idea to thank you for you. Ha! This was exactly the inspiration I needed today to be a badass.
    I love you

  8. Loving – because I am here to embody Love; hearty – because I listen to my heart; joyful – because I AM Joy in truth; creative – because expressing my Self is my core characteristic. Thank you, Lisa. I love you! <3

  9. willing (to choose again)
    open (to receiving Jesus’ Help)
    forgiving (all that is not real)
    accepting (the Love that is given and is my True Self)

  10. I’m choosing the words trusting, playful, forgiving and calm. There are times every day I feel these things and other moments ego rears it’s cynical head. More love, less ego and forever walking with my bed. I love you Lisa. ❤️

  11. Great message, Lisa.
    My words: Powerful–I am filled and fueled by the Power of God.
    Worthy-Like the Prodigal Son, whatever I think I have done or not done, I Am forgiven and lovingly welcomed home ready to reclaim my inheritance.
    Energetic-I bring God’s energy, light, and joy with me wherever I go.
    Badass-I refuse to compromise any longer. God has work for me to do.
    Thanks Lisa. 😘

  12. Thank you so much Lisa! This reminded me to go within, ask and listen to “my own” guidance in every situation. That is always what is going to feel right, peaceful and give me the experience and awareness of love and communion. The form is so not important at all, ever! God bless you!

  13. Thank you Lisa for always taking the time and effort to share your truth which energizes so many others to find theirs. The responses remind me of another exercise I sometimes review in my journal. I am strong not weak. I am happy not sad. I am hopeful not afraid I am peaceful not disturbed I am whole not separate. Or maybe it’s a simple as I AM. Love you and everyone here.

  14. I’d love to be authentic, humble, forgiving and peaceful! Thank You Lisa for helping me to engage in this exercise and refocus on my priorities!

  15. Thank you Lisa, anyone who reads your blog will change their mind and their attitude about themselves in such a powerful, immediate way. I am doing the workbook lessons with you and am on 199. Before,l began the lessons l was fighting the aging process, plus skin cancer in the middle of my face and felt uncomfortable in my own body. Now l feel great, love who l am and l love everyone else around me in such a wonderful way. Life is great. I am rocking on with you Lisa.

  16. Thank you Lisa! I love the reminders to look within. It’s all in us .LOL I am amused and grateful and choose to flow the light. I don’t know what happens but It feels wonderful! I love the shift that is happening. And I see everyone doing their role perfectly.ha ha ha
    Namaste’ Dear One

    1. Another thing…I deeply appreciate your comments about Trump, Lisa! I follow USA politics closely, even though I moved out of the country after his election, because I didn’t feel I could tolerate/thrive within the USA any longer during this period of radical healing/transition. I have long felt, though, deep in my spiritual bones, that he is “so bad, he’s good” meaning exactly what you said…he is bringing the darkness up so that it can be healed, in the One Mind, and I seek to do my part. I didn’t move because I thought another place is better and would fix things…we are all in this together. But I was led to move for my highest contribution. I love you!!!

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