Planning with Spirit vs. Planning with Ego: How to Stay Centered When Your Plans Go Awry

They say that we make plans and God laughs. They also say that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Is it me, or do the “they” that say everything seem to be contradicting themselves? I’ma just go out on a limb here and call “they” the ego mind, since trying to convince us all that opposing thoughts make any sense is part of the ego’s crazy. I think that when it comes to our plans, rather than laughing, God is much more likely to be saying,

“OMB! (Oh My Beloved!) You do not have to work so hard. This is not rocket science (really. Even if you’re an astronaut). Just listen to My Voice and follow It’s guidance, which has only love for you and will show you the way.”

As for planning to fail – I’d say that has less to do with failing to plan and more to do with ignoring the afore-mentioned guidance.

With regard to this subject, Teachers of God reader Patricia recently posed the following question to us:

“We are not supposed to ‘make plans without guidance’. I am unsure about what this looks like. I can understand asking for guidance in particular situations but not all of life. I have a calendar with stuff on it. I have activities to make plans about – getting groceries, meetings, oil change on car, social events, trips to plan to see family, etc. Can you explain how to go about daily like asking for inner guidance, while still having a calendar? I just don’t get it.”

Great question, Patricia! And one that I’m guessing a lot students of A Course in Miracles have.

What is the motivation behind making plans?

As a spiritual life coach and therapist, I often hear people say that planning helps them to have a sense of control, of peace and well-being, a feeling of security and safety that they know how things are going to proceed.

Ok, right here is where the problem begins.

The issue is not with the idea of having an intention and creating a structure for how we see things transpiring in the most effective or efficient manner. The problem, rather, begins when we start making our plan first without asking for guidance from Spirit. This automatically defaults into our unconsciously following the direction of our ego minds. This is when we plan from a starting point of fear (aka anxiety, wanting safety and security) instead of trust, and we then become identified with the way the plan it is supposed to go.

It’s a set-up, because it doesn’t really work. Plans often don’t go the way we envisioned them. Whether it be something that feels like a minor irritation such as being late for an appointment and getting bumped; or missing a connecting flight – or a major life transition, like losing a loved one, or being left by your spouse, or becoming unexpectedly unemployed.

A Course in Miracles states it thus:

“If there are plans to make, you will be told of them. They may not be the plans you thought were needed, nor indeed the answers to the problems which you thought confronted you.”

If we are not listening to what the plans actually are and go ahead with our own, we will still be told of them anyway, but our ego minds will likely interpret this as a negative and file it under “plans getting f*cked up” and have resistance to it.

Our attachment to the way in which we think things are supposed to happen does not in fact result in peace, or joy, or a sense of well-being – which is what we all say we want. Because it is designed from a place of fear, this way of thinking actually causes us to feel stressed, which is probably the most common descriptive term I hear used by my clients. And yet, we are engaging in it willingly.

As A Course in Miracles explains,

“The mind engaged in planning for itself is occupied in setting up control of future happenings. It does not think it will be provided for unless it makes its own provisions. Time becomes a future emphasis, controlled by learning and experience obtained from past events and previous beliefs.”

So we labor over plans because we do not believe that we will be cared for, and we think that negative events that happened in the past govern and predict what our future will be.

Actually, the reverse is the case – what happened in the past was governed and predicted by what our previous thoughts and beliefs were. However, A Course in Miracles teaches us that there is another way. It involves giving up the way we think things are supposed to (or are afraid they are going to) happen, what we or others should do, how events ought to transpire, and particularly, our habit of immediately reacting when plans do not go or people do not behave the way we want them to.

Our suffering does not originate from what happens in the world so much as it comes from the meaning that we assign to those things. We believe that we can prevent ourselves from experiencing pain by protecting and defending ourselves with planning, and that if a wrench gets thrown into those plans, something went wrong. We’re big on blaming too – when something happens we often look to who or what was responsible for that wrench– and how we can prevent this from happening again (hide, outlaw or destroy all of the wrenches…). That is our ego mind’s nature – to project, and react.

Instead of maintaining a position of “That wasn’t supposed to happen” or “Whose fault is it that things got all f*cked up?” we would be better served by forgiving our illusion of the dream and asking Spirit to help us see the situation differently, to release it and allow ourselves to be corrected as to what the plan is, to be open to going in a different direction.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that all of our problems and our pain originate in the belief that we have separated from God.

The atonement – which is the realization that the separation never occurred – is the solution.

So how do we apply that solution in a practical way in the world? How do we help ourselves not to suffer when our plans don’t work out?

The answer lies in the way we look at everything.

The ego mind exists only in a state of fear – and so absolutely believes we can and should judge everything from that perspective. It is very quick to pipe up with the knee-jerk reactionary “meaning” it assigns to whatever seems to be going down. The meaning we make comes from the dominant thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are in our minds.

As the Course teaches us about perception,

“The world we see merely reflects our own internal frame of reference…We make it true by our interpretation of what it is we are seeing.”

beliveing is seeing

The world teaches us that seeing is believing. A Course in Miracles teaches us that believing is seeing. Click To Tweet

So if we can admit that we don’t really have the slightest idea what is supposed to happen in any given situation, we open ourselves to the acceptance of what is actually happening, and the possibility that maybe this is the better way.

I am not suggesting that we completely abdicate the role of planning or the use of schedules in our lives – parceling out time to go to work, have appointments, do fun things, buy groceries, take vacations, or whatever. I am suggesting that we ask for guidance first, and then proceed – and not get attached to the idea of our plans going the way we thought they were going to.

If we do not really know how things are supposed to go or what the real purpose of anything is, ummm, can we really assess things accurately anyway?

As Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles,

“A healed mind is relieved from the belief that it must plan, although it cannot know the outcome that is best, the means by which it is achieved, or how to recognize the problem that the plan is made to solve.”

Bam! Can I get a witness? I mean, seriously – could that be stated any more clearly?

Beginning the day in a place of acknowledging that you aren’t really the one driving this bus and asking to be told, guided, shown – is a great start. Making the agreement with yourself to release your own plan – and asking instead for Spirit to guide you in His – will save you a LOT of time and energy (which – come on – you would probably otherwise just spend resisting and trying to make your own agenda happen anyway. Just saying. ; )

An example from my own life is that I am a self-employed life coach, spiritual teacher and psychotherapist in private practice.

I used to have a lot of fear around my schedule not being full, or clients cancelling upcoming appointments for which I am sometimes not reimbursed – always viewing it through the lens of scarcity. I have sometimes had entire days fall apart, resulting in little or no income for that day.

After freaking out and letting myself suffer and stress out over these situations a bazillion times, totally letting my ego mind take the wheel and drive over the cliffs of insanity into the pit of despair catastrophizing about what I was not going to be able to pay, or do, or eat – I eventually began to remember to practice what the Course was teaching me (duh.).

As I did this more and more, I realized that if I surrendered the day to Spirit in the first place, and just relaxed and stayed in trust and did not interfere (or “enter fear”!) and allowed events to unfold, they usually worked out better than had things gone the way I had planned.

And they really do. I am now much more able to let go when it looks like things are turning into a snafu (or Situation Normal All F*cked Up – to use that awesome actual military term!).

If I experience a cancellation these days, I look for the gift. I just say,

“Ok, what would you have me do now?”

I always get inspired to do something. Sometimes it is just to make a Starbucks run, or catch up on paperwork. Other times it is being able to buzz to the beach for an hour (I keep a swimsuit and chair in my trunk now for exactly that reason!) or fit in a self-care treat. Sometimes it just allows me time to tlc my home, or talk with a friend, or spend time in solitude. If I don’t resist it, I am guided as to what to do with that extra time. I also maintain a waitlist in my practice, so sometimes one client cancelling allows another to take that space. I see that as an intelligence greater than mine knowing who I need to meet with better than I do.

As the Course advises us,

“A Healed mind does not plan. It carries out the plans which it receives through listening to wisdom that is not its own. It waits until it has been taught what should be done, and then proceeds to do it. It does not depend upon itself for anything except its adequacy to fulfill the plans assigned to it. It is secure in certainty that these obstacles cannot impede its progress to accomplishment of any goal which serves the greater plan established for the good of everyone.”

With that intention in mind, I start every day with a prayer and meditation practice, in which I set up my day with Spirit. I think about the kind of day I want to experience, and I ask for guidance and surrender my plans. I have made the decision to arrange my schedule this way because it affects my life more positively than anything else I could be doing first thing in the morning. I go get my coffee (yes, I meditate and pray with coffee!) and I get back in bed do my spiritual practice. Opening my day this way helps me immensely in the endeavor to get the f*ck out of my own way and give the wheel to the Wise One Who actually knows where we’re going and what we’re doing, and has the map and the agenda, remembering that I have neither.

I like to share the love as a teacher of A Course in Miracles  – whether in the form of story or practice – so I have included my daily prayer and meditation it in downloadable PDF and MP3 audio formats at the end of this blog. It is my hope that they may be of service to you if you don’t already have one that works for you.

I credit this practice for my being able to live much more from a place of peace, love, and joy than I ever have, and to roll with schedule changes, unexpected events, and stuff I would categorize as the bullshit of life. What I notice is that these things often transform to something amazing when placed in the hands of the Divine.

As The Course puts it so gorgeously,

“What could you not accept if you but knew that everything that happens, all events past, present, and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good? Perhaps you have misunderstood His plan. For He would never offer pain to you, but your defenses did not let you see His loving blessing shine in in every step you ever took.”

Thank you so much for being with me today (whether you planned to or not!)  I encourage you to love your beautiful self enough to involve your Guide in the design of your plans, and to keep an open mind when making meaning out of what happens in the world. Trust that everything is ultimately intended for your good, even if you cannot see how that might be the case.

If it does not appear that way – forgive, and ask to see the situation differently, remembering that you may be looking through the ego’s eyes of fear rather than with love’s true vision.

Here are the gifts I promised:

Daily Prayer and Meditation PDF

Daily Prayer and Meditation Audio (click to play, or click here and then right click to download):

If anything in this class has resonated with you, or inspired you to think about plans in a new way, I’d love to hear your comments below the blog. I read every one.

Keep the faith. I love you more than all of the plans I ever had.


Rev Kelly Russell,
Spiritual Life Coach & Holistic Psychotherapist


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  1. Thank you for sharing. I am self employed and go through the fear of cancellations, not enough clients, etc. I read this on the perfect day when my anxiety was getting up there and this post helped release that anxiety. I love your prayer and meditation and will sit in this today. Many Blessings, Jill

  2. Wonderful blog, sweet Kelly ! A great reminder. I was the Great Planner for most of my life. What a relief it was to turn it all over to God !

  3. Kelly:
    That was a lovely blog post and it certainly did resonate with me this morning. A reminder to get out of our own way and let the Holy Spirit guide us. I will definitely archive this as one to refer to when I loose my way.

    On a completely different note, I’d like to suggest choosing a font colour that is a bit darker. As readers age we have a difficult time reading lighter fonts even if we make the print larger.


  4. Excellent Kelly! Thank you. I travel a lot for business and when I remember to “ask first” I’m finding my travel days are relaxing and enjoyable instead of frantic and stressful. Today is a travel day for me and your blog is the perfect reminder and validation. Hugs!

  5. Thank you Kelly. I found this very inspiring. When I read what you said, I felt every word and am beginning to believe that this is true and yet I still don’t do what the Course says. To me it still feels like work. I am 83 years old and my life has been work, work, work due to my nature of avoidance. I guess I will have to keep asking to see things differently. But I loved what you said. I could however neither listen or download anything. Maybe Spirit has decided to keep that from me. THANK YOU. Very inspiritional.

  6. Thank you for this reminder Kelly to check in with Source and then go with the flow. I sometimes send love out into my day; to the people I’m going to see and the places I plan to be. I notice that it puts me in a place of love when I get there and usually results in a loving connection with others. Marianne Williamson teaches this.

  7. Dear Kelly:

    Praise God! This is what I needed to hear first thing! I have been struggling with a situation and everything about the blog resonated with me. Let me tell you that I experienced so much peace just after reading it and much more when I did the meditation and prayer.

    I will make this my daily practice and plan to share this with family and friends who may be struggling like I do.

    God Bless!

    1. Hi Evelyn! I am so happy to hear it was helpful to you – it certainly has been for me. Things seem to enter our lives when we need them don’t they? No accidents, no coincidences… thanks for writing! 😊

  8. Good Morning Kelly, Thank you so much for sharing the blog post and the beautiful meditation in both formats. Wonderful gifts to receive on this day of Freedom and Independence from an old and out dated thought system and way of being in this world. The two teachings, both yours and Kimberly’s which occurred consecutively, when combined, provide a way to live that change now, every day. I am so grateful to have been in attendance for both teachings at the Friday Group meetings. I am grateful to have found the course, supportive teachers and friends, and the wonderful teachings and inspiration being provided. Have a wonderfully blessed and Love filled 4th of July. Know that I extend peace, love and joy to you as well. Thank you. I Love you. James

  9. This post is immensely helpful. I was just discussing this very subject with a Mighty Companion yesterday. Your blog post cleared up alot of questions I had about how to order my day and have the Holy Spirit in charge and it provided practical application. V grateful! Perfect timing … of course. Thank you. ♡ Alecia

  10. Hi Kelly,
    This helped me so much, I can’t tell you. I have had so many major life changes happen in the last 6 years, some really great, some really “bad”. After reading your posting on “Plans”, It ocurred to me, that I have been holding on to a few events/mistakes that I would describe as colossal F*#* ups, by me and by others which I feel I am still paying the price for, and have a lot of deep resentment around, I have been playing that same old tape “…how could this have happened, why did this happen, why didn’t I see it coming, why couldn’t I stop it even when I saw it coming, and……….why didn’t God help me?! . I really had no idea I still felt that way until I read your article. I feel out of control at times, convinced that the God that supposedly loves me, is going to keep ruining my plans, and maybe even create pain and suffering for me as some kind of sick way of teaching, and this thought system, has left me with a feeling of hopelessness, for a future that is apparently beyond my control.
    I started therapy last Sept. 2017, and eventually some things that were not working began to fall away, and as painful as some of that was, at least I didn’t feel like I was spinning my wheels. I was starting to get some perspective, and slowly began the process of moving forward with renewed hope.. I found a local ACIM meeting, and started to attend. The experience was very reaffirming, all the things I had hoped for. That initial shift in perspective started to occur and I felt like I found
    a way back to feeling more peaceful, happy, . but then things started to shift suddenly again, and with an emotional intensity I don’t always know how to navigate through or even understand. I apparently still have, so much pain and confusion, and fear, from my past, that in spite of trying with all my mind to stay focused on the text in some kind of rational systematic way, the peace and joy and healing I want to experience on a continuous basis, allude me.. . I then discovered Lisa Natoli’s 40 day class. I am on day 18, which corresponds to this presentation from you. I apparently have more healing to do, forgiving myself, forgiving the past, and the “mistakes” I feel I have made, and the bitterness I have around ” plans gone awry”. I feel a tremendous amount of shame, loss of control around my feelings and my life, anger, sadness, grief, but you know,…………..after a particularly heartfelt meditation with Spirit, one night when I poured my heart out to God, about how i felt he had abandoned me, and was just letting me suffer, and not helping me, …….and i feel this way frequently, the next morning, I had such a feeling of peace, a deep complete serene calmness. I am trying to just make the necessary adjustments, and be gentle. I attended a much smaller group, this week, and that really helped. As much as I wish I could rush the process along, and feel joy and happiness, and complete forgiveness now, even though in the ACIM many ideas revolve around healing taking place in an instant, and I am open to that-truly, its been my experience, that these things seem to happen gradually for me. I really struggle with the difference between my plans, Gods plans, and it probably doesn’t help, if I don’t have faith or trust in God. Like he’s this mean, bastard. (sorry, there just a was not another word that truly expressed my sentiment). I really am grateful for your article, I’m not sure how to describe how I know that this is going to really help me in a very sure and profound way. I have been struggling with this, for a long time. Thank you for raising awareness of these issues we all seem to struggle with when things don’t seem to go our way.

    1. Hi Alison! Thank you so much for your honesty and candor. I see many places in your post where you refer to feeling peace and relief, and then vacillating to anger and resentment and feeling abandoned by God. This is the nature of choosing to think / plan with ego vs. Spirit. We can always tell where we have located ourselves by whether or not our peace is disturbed. If our plans aren’t working out the way we want them to, it is because we are resisting the guidance we are being given. And the ego mind does NOT go quietly! It speaks first and loudest, and gets very threatened when we do things like read ACIM or spending time with Spirit, as you are doing in the 40-day program. You are developing the spiritual musculature needed to engage in a relationship of listening and trusting your Guide. I encourage you to keep doing the work beyond the 40-days, and keep using the prayer and meditation as well. It has worked wonders in helping me choose the peace of God over the ego’s rantings.

  11. Thank you. I did not plan for this great reminder, but it was needed and Divine. Your post gives me peace and direction during a difficult issue of trust and honesty.

  12. Thank you for this post. I have begun to tell myself lately when I decision needs to be made to just do nothing and see what happens. It has always been getting resolved in a pleasant way. I’ve been a planner and the need to control is strong, with many bad results. I do not hear from spirit and this is something I desire.

  13. Thanks for responding to my question and clarifying this very important concept! Since posting the question, I have asked for guidance every morning using a similar prayer to the one you suggested, and thanked God every night for the guidance given. I think this helps me to trust that I am being guided, even though I am not consciously aware of it. It also helps me to think of my past and realize that I didn’t get where I am today by myself! In many instances, including discovering the course itself, circumstances came together in ways that are very unlikely, so I know God made these things happen to help me on my spiritual path. For example, I was in a marriage that broke up and left me realizing that there had to be something else besides a relationship that would be of lasting fulfillment, so I started seeking spirituality. I went to a church and happened to meet a young man who was just passing through town, but somehow we started talking, went for coffee, and he had a little ACIM quote card in his car which was my introduction to the course. He was the messenger God sent me and that was 30 years ago! I studied ACIM intensely for 2 years, and even though I barely understood it, left it and dabbled in many other paths, but I always knew it was the truth for me, my path. Other unpleasant circumstances and guidance led me back to intense study about a year ago, thankfully!

    I still have a full calendar of appointments and dates and vacations, which I now see as opportunities to shine peace and love on the people I meet out in the world. But I make plans loosely, knowing they may change and if things don’t work the way I thought they would I know that God has a better idea.

    1. Hi Patricia! Thanks so much for writing back and giving us an update of your understanding of planning! I loved what you said about making plans “loosely” – and viewing them as opportunities to shine peace and love. THAT is Spirit directing your plans. Rock on!

  14. Hi Kelly,

    Really wonderful teaching! It is obvious that you have put yourself at Holy Spirit’s disposal.

    In this moment there is a recognition that there is a big change that is coming for myself and my wife. This is one of those changes of magnitude that neither of us have experienced in quite a while. The scope of this change that we’re approaching includes; moving our bodies to, as of yet unknown, geographical location in the mind and a complete change of lifestyle. Knowing this change is afoot, we have been greatly tempted to engage in planning for what we don’t know. The experience is turning into a wonderful opportunity to practice waiting for the plan to enter our awareness. At this point, the part of the plan that has entered our awareness is, “Get rid of all the stuff you don’t really need and I will let you know what you really need.” Of course, this experience is also serving as an opportunity to develop a deeper trust in our Guide.

    There is a particular message delivered through the course that we use constantly to help keep ourselves out of the ego and in alignment with Spirit. The message I refer to is within lesson 42 in the Workbook. It is so simple yet so profound. Here it is: “Your passage through time and space is not at random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time. Such is the strength of God. Such are his gifts.”

    Having this simple message ever present in the forefront of our minds, is an immensely efficacious thought that keeps us from turning to the ego’s interpretations that always diminish. Trusting that nothing is random and that we are never not exactly at the right place at the right time, is incredibly empowering! For my wife and I, this is about complete acceptance without compromise for what seems to be happening in any given moment. From a quote you excerpted from the course: “What could you not accept if you but knew that everything that happens, all events past, present, and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good?

    Now, I must say, that I do plan. However, I have over time learned to not have any attachment whatsoever to any plan I might make. Any plan I make is open to being edited by my Guide at anytime. I used to make plans then encase them in cement. Now when I make plans I use Velcro to hold them down. How often can one say, “Change of plans!” ? Well, in my case, very often even if one can’t hear me say it over the sound of Velcro being pulled apart. Indeed, “Change of plans.” could very well serve as my signature. 🙂

  15. Wonderful read, guidance and gift! Like another commentor, I was unable to play/download audio on MacBook Pro.

  16. Hi Kelly,
    Great article- thanks. The bugger of it all is ‘hearing’ that voice! As far as I know, I have yet to ‘hear’ it. So I share with the wise one what my intentions are for the day and get on with life. Of course not everything goes according to plan, but I’m ok with the ‘sh*t happens’ rule.
    As a fellow life coach, working with clients where we set goals is tricky in this context. I’ve yet to suggest [to a client], that he/she asks for guidance and waits for ‘the voice’ to guide them. How do handle this apsect?

    1. Hi Phil! As a spiritual life coach, I do teach my clients these ideas and give them these tools. As a holistic psychotherapist, I teach people about meditation, and listening to the guidance of their higher self and inner wisdom as opposed to the voice of the conditioned self based on their false beliefs. It is another way of describing the spirit & ego. Thank you for reading, and for writing!

  17. Thank you so very much for this post Kelly – it is wonderful and very helpful, just what I needed today 🙂

  18. Kelly,

    Thank you so much for your blog post! You always remind me that I am not alone. Your words are so centering and comforting…just like JC, the Great Comforter.

    Love, Sandy

    1. Thank you Sandy! We’re all one with that Great Comforter, aren’t we? As all minds are joined, His peace speaks through all of us in whatever ways are most helpful. You do the same for me! 😊

  19. Thank you, Kelly for this extraordinarily helpful frame of reference for us this Independence Day. These “planning” lessons always set forth the way the Course teaches us to surrender to awakening. The asking and the listening are sometimes the hardest parts when we want to say, “I got this one, Spirit.” Yet we will be taught and realize again and again how the miracle unfolds as it should. I love tuning in to Teachers of God for these reminders. Much love, Gwen

  20. Thank you Kelly. Your prayers and meditation are a gift. It’s helping me so much everyday. So grateful for ACIM, and for wonderful teacher’s like you!

  21. Hi Kelly, thank you for your post. It reminded me of a discussion I had one day with a therapist who was explaining she had asked many clients the same question, to which she had received a myriad of responses. The question being “what is the most important thing in your life?” For most people the response was along the following lines – love, family, partner, money, health, career, job, house, friends, joy, peace, happiness, freedom, acceptance. The therapist went on to say she had never had anyone respond with the answer “to feel safe”. This resonated so deeply with me as the motivation behind everything, including planning, is really a desire to feel safe. We are afraid because we resist (FEAR) the all-encompassing (LOVE).

    “The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite”.

    Free will does not dictate the Course, but it does dictate the course we take. Compassion is the way toward the awareness of love’s presence/presents.


  22. Thankyou so much, Kelly. From reading comments above, we all appreciate your reminder to let the Holy spirit fly into our heart and in hard times surrender completely and let his/her wings carry us. I am doing this right now as I have just experienced the most painful emotional event of my life. One comment above calls god a derogatory name and I do believe I felt that in the past but now I worship god and know there must be meaning in this. I hadn’t realized I had come this far in my faith. Thx, Alison, for helping me recognize this. Had I been elsewhere in my union with God, survival of this recent happening would not have been possible.

  23. Hi Jill! I am happy to have been of service as the vessel for Love. Thank you for reading, and for your lovely comment. ❤️

    1. Hi Kathleen! Thank you for reading, and for your comment. We’ve done a fix on the download – please try it again and let us know if it worked. Thank you! ☮️❤️😊

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you for the love! We’ve done a fix on the download, please try it again and let us know if it worked. Thank you! ❤️

  24. I really appreciate this wonderful message on letting Spirit guide us everyday. It beats the alternative of being frustrated, fearful and constantly disappointed when “things” don’t go in our perceived way.

  25. Hi Deborah! Thank you for your lovely comments and your presence. We’ve done a fix on the downloads and are hoping you will try again and let us know how it worked. Thank you! Namaste.

  26. Omg, Monte, I LOVE the analogy of making your plans in Velcro vs cement! Thanks for that. “Change of plans” could serve as my signature too, and I’m working on making it more legible. 😊

  27. Kelly, this morning prayer is the most beautiful I have ever seen/heard. I already say the prayer use me show me where you want me to go what you want me to do and what you want me to say to whom. I’ve printed your prayer out and will put it on my night stand now and start saying every morning. Thank You

  28. I really dug your article and reading it helped me align today. It’s important to regularly read that which reminds and aligns us with the present powers of god.
    I always feel better handing outcomes over to the higher power that knows everything because it is in everything and asking for help when needed. It takes the burden from me, making happen what I cannot so easily.

  29. So true and spot on! Thanks for reminding me again Kelly. We need co
    constant reminders of the Course’s principles. Wim, South Africa.

  30. WOW, I listened to your Friday morning livestream on judgement this morning Kelly and as every does, it came at the perfect time. I was able to put it into practice and would like to share this experience with you.

    On Monday I placed an order online and chose to have it delivered to the post office instead of to my home as it would be quicker. I received the notice this morning that the package had arrived and without reading the information on the notice I walked to the post office. When I presented the notice I was told it was at another location which was a fair distance away. Since I was walking I had time to feel the upset gently showing itself ” why didnt I read it? Why does this have to be so hard? It better be worth it." I observed this and asked Higher Spirit to help me see this a different way . I got to the second place and gave my notice only to be told the package wasnt there yet and I could check back at 7pm or come on Monday, this was on the notice .I had been calm this whole time and continued to be so yet thoughts of how inconvenient this was and why didnt I just have it delivered to my house and why didnt I just read the notice were showing up.

    On my walk home I realized that I wasn`t taking the time to read and do the work of a few things and was wanting the quick and easy way. I got home and within minutes the phone was ringing. It was the post office and the gentleman told me my package had been sent there by mistake, he had noticed that it was much closer to my address and would I like to come and pick it up? Since my package was only 3 blocks away I walked and picked it up right away. Amazing !!!

    Thank you for the tools and the perfectly timed talk

    Lotsa love

    1. Awesome, Colleen! Divine timing is always right on schedule, isn’t it? Thank you for watching and writing!

  31. Thank you for the blessing of this blog and your Friday morning talk. I was laughing so hard during your talk because it reminded me so much of myself and immediately snapped me out of my own tantrum about things not going according to plan. Your honesty helped me immensely.

    1. Oh I’m so happy to hear it was helpful, Laura! Thank you for that. It was definitely a lesson in forgiveness and humility! 😊

  32. Thanks for the reminder. I know when I set up whatever in my mind, it never seems to work. When I just relax and allow, I have a much happier and productive way. I just need to remind myself daily….

  33. Thank you, Kelly! I am a relatively new realtor, and sales is new for me. For some reason, I feel quite drawn to this field, although I have a background as a school psychologist and yoga teacher/therapist. I have enjoyed offering advocacy, guidance and support to the 14 clients I have had in the last 18 months. Of course additional clientele is necessary as it takes about 40 or so each year to earn a living. Realtor coaches and brokers really pressure to plan-plan-plan and push-push-push and it totally stresses me out! I SO want Spirit to plan my day, my life, inspire me with right action… Does this work for sales, too?? Can I hear Spirit’s voice?? Often what I feel moved to do is the opposite of what the coaches say… I stay home instead of going into the office, doing some real estate related things but also non-work related things. Am I being undisciplined, or am I following Spirit’s guidance? Is Spirit providing the coaches as a voice of guidance?

    1. Hi Layne! Thank you for writing! Asking Spirit to guide you each day, surrendering your plans and staying open to guidance works no matter what field you are in. When the Voice you are following through your intuition gently leads you, it will always be for your highest good and that of everyone else concerned. The more consistently you ask what Spirit would have you do, the more regularly you spend time in silent communion, the more you practice forgiveness for things that disturb your peace, the clearer the communication will feel. Best wishes helping your clients to come home! ❤️

  34. Hallå Kelly and thank you for your teaching! I have for a time trying to find your blogg, your but without success. Realy strange! In one of your videos on lifestreem, you talkt about your struggeling with some video that You wanted to have on your blogg. I can not find this blogg, is this the one?
    I love your teaching ,and I recognise my self in what you are speaking about. I have been in The same situation for a cupel of years ago. I have also practise The cours for about 20 years.

    I have also practise forgivness on two specifik situations , wich will not change.
    I know that it is all about my self.
    Thous two situations ses to me be one problem. And it is all about jujing my self to not be god enouth.
    The strange thing is that I realy can se that I have done god tings about my life, my job ,my art and my family. I am proud of my transformation. But! Some ting will say me that I realy dont think so, by what my projektion shows me.
    I am doing the prosperity course now and I have done the 40- days program.
    I realy realy whant to heal this projection.
    I am so thired of it !

    Thank you Kelly for your wonderful teachings. And sorry If my spell isnt correct allwais .
    Namaste Miro Pintaric

  35. Hi Kelly! I am self employed as well and have for a few years enjoyed the freedom and unexpected adventures surrounding last minute cancellations. I, like you, take a break from my routine and enjoy the time off in a way I wouldn’t have that day. I see it as a gift and something I needed at that time and boy is God always right in that regard! Thank you for sharing your story and confirming my own beliefs that I took years to come to and now happily enjoy. Love and light to you today and always. Julie

  36. Thx , Kelly, for taking the time to highlight calmness in earthtime in order to live in the now. When family and friends take time out of their busy schedules to bring consolation and compassion to their loved ones in time of unplanned loss, tragedy and sickness and likewise share in the joy of weddings, births/baptisms, etc… this is when something has occurred out of our control and unless we do have a loving heart, we’ll miss all these very important moments. Being awake is being in tune with what is happening and choosing our response.
    Life has a way of throwing a curve ball and we can strike out or follow through.. it’s all about being in the zone. Thx again, ann

  37. Thank you Kelly, am on a journey of living a life from inside and out…and this really helped ….thank you so much

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