Self-Inquiry: From Seeking to Knowing

I would like to share a brief, high-level overview of my spiritual journey, not because the story of my journey is important in itself, but because the story highlights how Self-inquiry fits on the spiritual path. This story puts Self-inquiry in its proper perspective. It illustrates Self-inquiry’s value as a key tool used for awakening, a tool that takes us … Read More

Live This Question to Stay in Love

The essence of this blog is encapsulated in an essential question that might rock your world and radically shift your experience of yourself, others, your life, and God. So please…please take a moment before reading any further. Go somewhere where it is quiet and commit to some alone time. Take a few long, deep breaths. With each exhalation, let go … Read More

How to Attain the Peace of God

As I was thinking about this topic, and what it truly means to attain the peace of God, it occurred to me that we already are the peace of God, but the majority of us haven’t accepted it yet.  This is because there is a very loud voice we are listening to that we’ll call the ego, or the thought … Read More

How to Transform “F-You” to “I love You” Without Even Using Magic

So, what the hell does A Course in Miracles mean when it talks about seeing everything people do as either expressing love or calling out for it? Expressions of love are fairly easy to spot, but sometimes in this world our calls for love come disguised in some pretty gnarly and butt-ugly camo, and it can be almost impossible to … Read More