Amoda Maa: The “I” in the Midst of the Storm

Amoda Maa blog 4.12.22

In this interview with host Bill Free, Amoda Maa speaks about the awakening journey to what the True Self is, the essential “I” — leading to self-realization, transformation of consciousness, and going to the Source of peace… a preview of her upcoming workshop at the Know ThySelf Conference. Amoda Maa will be teaching a 90-minute session, “The “I” in the … Read More

Amoda Maa’s Wisdom on Surrender, Devotion & Awakening

Amoda Maa

Amoda Maa offers her perspectives on surrender, devotion, awakening and how we can be open to this in daily life… Amoda Maa was a presenter at the recent Integrated Awakening Conference. Learn more about accessing the recorded version of the conference, featuring Truth Teachers from around the world.