Diederik Wolsak – Choose Again: Six Steps to Freedom

Diederik Wolsak - Choose Again - blog 5.4.22

What does it take for us to live in peace and harmony with each other? In this interview from the Awareness Podcast with host Susan Telford, Diederik Wolsak — author of “Choose Again: Six Steps to Freedom” — shares the powerful simplicity of this life-changing process. Diederik is the current presenter in “The Integrated Awakening Series”… Click here to find … Read More

Diederik Wolsak: Is Trauma a LifeSentence?

Diederik Wolsak blog 4.5.22

Hear Diederik Wolsak speak about a different approach to healing trauma — the topic of his upcoming workshop at the Know ThySelf Conference. Diederik is the originator of the transformative “Choose Again: 6 Steps to Freedom” process which helps to remove blocks to happiness and peace in a gentle and loving way… Diederik Wolsak will be teaching a 90-minute session, … Read More

Diederik Wolsak: Awakening the Light of Truth

Diederik Wolsak

Diederik Wolsak shares his thoughts on how we really only have one fear, experiencing Truth and Awareness, and how to become truly free… Hear more of Diederik’s insights via an inspired offering for you or a loved one to go deeper on the journey to self-awareness and discovery. Click here for more info.