Lisa Natoli – The Power of the Spoken Word to Accomplish What You Please

Lisa Natoli - blog 5.11.22

Check out the sample clip below from Lisa Natoli, describing a simple life-changing practice… “When you stop trying to fix, change, heal, improve the body, the Self that you are — your wholeness.. starts to come through.” Lisa will be offering a live, interactive workshop this coming Sunday May 15th from 12pm to 2pm — The Power of the Spoken … Read More

Lisa Natoli: What Is the Source of Lasting Happiness & Peace?

Lisa Natoli - Awakening the Light of Truth - Nonduality Wisdom Teachers

Author & teacher Lisa Natoli shares her thoughts on the Source of Lasting Happiness & Peace… To find out more of Lisa’s insights via an inspired offering for you or a loved one to go deeper on the journey to self-awareness and discovery, click here.

Allowing Presence to Take Over: Integration vs. Vacillation

Lisa Natoli: Allowing Presence to Take Over

Author & teacher Lisa Natoli shares her insights on allowing Presence to take over in our daily lives, living in the “quiet center” no matter what life brings… Lisa presented at the recent Integrated Awakening Conference. Learn more about accessing Lisa’s recorded presentation at this conference, featuring Truth Teachers from around the world.

Triple Dare Challenge: Put Your Christ Vision Glasses and Do This

One thing I have really learned in life is that whenever I think something is lacking in my life, the answer is ALWAYS to give more of whatever I think I am missing. “Only what you are not giving can be lacking in any situation.” 
-A Course in Miracles For example: If I think I am lacking in love, 
I … Read More

One Practice Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever

Filling the gap with love

Have you ever felt disconnected and alone? (of course, who hasn’t?) Have you felt shut off from your creativity and joy? Do you feel stuck, incapable of making anything change? Do you feel so overwhelmed that you just don’t know where to start? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place! Most people try to find more motivation … Read More

How to Heal

how to heal

Here is a recording of the video from this past Friday morning ACIM Group. Lisa Natoli gave a teaching on “How to Heal” with an illustration to show the simplicity and immediacy of healing. Healing is nothing more than “a decision” to stop the endless vicious cycle of looking for a solution in external places. In sickness and in pain, … Read More

Heal Yourself: Doing the Work, Every Damn Day

heal yourself

This week’s blog is from me – Lisa Natoli – and I share three stories in a 10-minute video, all three stories are designed to inspire you to simply begin doing things in a new way so that LIFE begins to flow through you. These 3 stories are: A guy named Arthur who was totally paralyzed, he couldn’t walk and … Read More