Will You Be Your Valentine? The Gift of Self-Love

Yo Yo, Soul-Bro! In celebration of what I think of as the month of Love – because a) there is an entire day dedicated to the expression of it and b) my anniversary of meeting my boyfriend of 8 years is in February – this blog post is my valentine to you. It arrives enveloped in sparkling, shimmering light, and … Read More

Christmas in Pandemic With All of the Bros From Home

  Yo Yo Ho Ho, God Rest Ye Merry GentleBros! It’s Kelly Russell, the Rock Your Joy Coach, and today I bring you tidings of great joy! I’m channeling my Three Wise Chicks and following that crazy-bright Star of Wonder – aka the guidance of Spirit – to lay some precious bling on that Christ child you’ve got all swaddled up in the … Read More

Not Separate, but Equal: Love is the Medicine

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” – Declaration of Independence (US, 1776) Yo, my Bros!  It’s Kelly Russell from the Teachers of God Foundation. The Divinely-inspired sentence above was straight outta … Read More

Heal Yourself by Loving Yourself

You are a healer, healed and whole. Here is a video from one of our Zoom calls in The 40-Day Program for Transformation. You can sign up for that anytime, and it’s still always free. This video is with Ted who has cancer and asked a question about healing. I love this guy so much. Watch what happens. It is … Read More

The Invitation: The Call to Love in a Time of Fear

Never in the history of my life has the “lure” into fear-based thinking, communicating, and reacting been so strong. I am sure that I am not alone in this. For many of us who walk the path of A Course in Miracles, we have likely been grappling with a heightened awareness of what it means to live from Love versus … Read More

Points of Light: Living A Course in Miracles During The Season Of Light

  ‘Tis the season of light.  As such, I simply cannot help but remember who I AM.” Here in the northeast, dusk settles in shortly after 4 p.m. Unlike the lengthy stretch of dusk we experience during the summer months, the dusk of winter seems brief and hurried.  Although many lament that the dark settles in so early, the dusk … Read More

You are the Christ, I am the Christ

  Jesus leads the way to the Truth and the Light and this is Christmas… THANK YOU our brother and friend. We love you. I had a talk last week and one of the things that came from the talk is my favorite thing about Christmas, on a Fun! physical plane: CHRISTMAS COOKIES! Yum!!!!! I just love them… and I … Read More

Christmas Shopping Crazy Unplugged: Break Up with Your Gift-giving Anxiety

  Yo Yo Ho Ho, Stars of Wonder, Stars of Light! In case you didn’t know this about me, let me just jingle all the way out of the holiday closet right now (because nobody likes a half-assed jingler) and out myself as a bona-fide Christmas freak. The phrase, “Christmas is too sparkly’ said no one ever” should have originally … Read More

Unleash the Power of Your Deepest Love & Understanding

Originally published on: January 18, 2017. They say ‘seeing is believing’ but in a lot of cases, it’s actually the believing that enables the seeing! Sometimes you just cannot see (or hear) what is right in front of you. Sometimes its an opportunity and sometimes it’s even something you are looking for. However, it just doesn’t register! The official name … Read More