A Course in Miracles is Not a Nondual Teaching: Here is why…

A true nondual teaching comes from the understanding of the Sanskrit word, Advaita, meaning “not two”, or “no second,” which identifies the individual self (Atman) with the ground of reality (Brahman), meaning “I Am” and “God” are the same. On the surface most ACIM (A Course in Miracles) students and teachers might say, Oh, I know that. And you will … Read More

Weekly Q&A Sessions with Bill Free

Bill Free - Nondual ACIM Q&A

Bill Free is offering live weekly Q&A discussions on Sundays at 3:00 PM ET for those that enroll in the A Course in Miracles Workbook Lessons in A Nondual Translation (Free!)… Check out this sampling of these weekly Q&A sessions above… Bill gives his own translation of A Course in Miracles in a series of 365 daily videos. These reinterpreted … Read More

A Healing Meditation from Bill Free…

Bill Free - ACIM Meditation

Bill uses the first 50 workbook lessons from A Course in Miracles to weave a healing meditation into a direct experience of open hearted awareness and transparency of truth. (Click on the orange circle below to begin.) Flute by David Young. For more of Bill Free’s insights & perspectives on embodying ACIM principles, check out ACIM Workbook Lessons in a … Read More

What is the Nondual understanding and How to Live It

Rupert Spira explains the Nondual perspective and how to actually live one’s life consistent with this understanding… Rupert will be a presenter at the upcoming Integrated Awakening Conference. Live as the awareness of Love’s presence and learn more about the conference featuring Truth Teachers from around the world.

Question & Answer Session with Francis Lucille

Francis Lucille is one of the clearest teachers of Truth alive today. Listen in as he answers questions, live, during a recent book study session.  To learn more about and register for Bill Free’s Book Study Group — as well the latest from The Teachers of God Foundation & Pure Presence Conferences, click here.