Amoda Maa: The “I” in the Midst of the Storm

Amoda Maa blog 4.12.22

In this interview with host Bill Free, Amoda Maa speaks about the awakening journey to what the True Self is, the essential “I” — leading to self-realization, transformation of consciousness, and going to the Source of peace… a preview of her upcoming workshop at the Know ThySelf Conference. Amoda Maa will be teaching a 90-minute session, “The “I” in the … Read More

The Awareness Podcast (Free!)

Here’s a sampling of Jackie Greggs – one of the 4 hosts of the new Awareness Podcast (free!) – one of her upcoming guests being Neda Boin, also featured in this clip… Each week in The Awareness Podcast, one of 4 hosts bring you interviews and teachings from teachers at the cutting edge of spiritual evolution. Tune in as they … Read More