The Invitation: The Call to Love in a Time of Fear

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Never in the history of my life has the “lure” into fear-based thinking, communicating, and reacting been so strong. I am sure that I am not alone in this. For many of us who walk the path of A Course in Miracles, we have likely been grappling with a heightened awareness of what it means to live from Love versus fear. We are literally inundated with opportunities to be “recruited” into fear-based thinking as we live within the context of a global pandemic. This “crisis” that has shown up in our outer circumstances gives us ample opportunity to practice the principals of A Course in Miracles. Like me, you might be acutely aware of the incredible value of A Course in Miracles as you navigate through your days. You might also feel newly committed to the practices you engage in to stay close to the Course principals. Most of all, like me, you might be feeling that the “call” to Love is stronger than ever before.

As I write these words, the news playing in the background tells me that this will be the first of the most “devastating” weeks of the pandemic and that we are entering a “doomsday” of sorts. Because I took time to “plug into” Christ consciousness this morning, I hear these words as a detached listener and I ponder the sort of fear that this language will inspire in my brothers and sisters. I pause and remind myself that in every moment, I get to choose fear or Love. And I know that now more than ever, I must choose Love.

It is the only way forward.

I invite you to join me: choose Love in every moment—every time.


            A few days ago, I woke just before dawn hearing the words:

“You’re invited.”

In that hazy space between sleep and consciousness, I grabbed a pen and began to write. What follows are the words that poured onto the page as if channeled from a deep wellspring of wisdom. In the days since, I have been acutely aware that the invitation I received was not for me alone—but for all of us. As such, I decided to share it here. I hope that these words touch some deep part of you that knows that in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been invited to choose fear…or Love.

I can think of no other time in my life when this choice is so critical.

An Invitation

To: You

From: The Holy Spirit

April 2020

You’re invited.

Perhaps you’ve never heard from me this directly, but I thought “it’s time.”

   It’s time for me to issue you an important invitation.

Like all invitations, you have the choice to accept or to decline.

I respect and honor whatever you decide.

That said, please know that whatever you decide will impact your life and the lives of others in significant ways.

This is no ordinary invitation and yet, it feels like the most natural and necessary of all invitations.

This is not an invitation to a date, party, meeting, or event. Instead, it is an invitation that welcomes you to make an important choice—a choice that will shape and inform who you will be, how you will connect with others, and the work you will do in the world.

I bet I have your attention now.

I bet you are thinking: “Wow—this is a very big invitation!”

And it is. 

You, along with your brothers and sisters are cordially, warmly, and lovingly invited to CHOOSE:




Don’t be surprised.

This invitation has been steadily offered to you for a long time now. There have been times when you knew it was there, but it sat unopened, much like a stack of unopened mail on your coffee table.

There have been times when this invitation frightened you and you stuck it into the far reaches of a cluttered drawer. There have been times during soft, tender moments when your heart felt open and brave and this invitation has called to you.

But we are in a different time now. There is an urgency to this invitation, which is why I am addressing you so directly. There is, indeed, a real sense that it is “time to get on the bus (of Love) or be left behind (in fear).”


If you hold a gentle, nonjudgmental gaze and look out and into the world as if you are a curious observer, you might note the dark haze of the global pandemic. As an observer of the pandemic, you likely see many of your brothers and sisters teetering on the edge of panic and extreme fear. You might find it strange to see the fear in your sister’s eyes as she frantically rushes to the paper product aisle in the local grocery store in search of toilet paper. You might witness your dear brother weeping on his front stoop, shaking in fear, worried about the future of his young children. You might hear a tone of urgency, judgment, agitation, anger and even hate in the voices of your brothers and sisters as they openly contemplate, fiercely debate, complain, and rage about what is happening around them.

You be noticing the raw manifestation of fear in full expression. You might find yourself recoiling in response.

You might have moments when you think:

“What curious beings we are! Look what happens when we choose fear! We suffer! We see ourselves as separate from our brothers and sisters!”

You might have noticed that when in fear, we forget who we are.

At the same time, you might be noticing a new level of tenderness as families—once hurried, distant, even estranged—are gathering together in shared spaces and learning to live with each other in ways different from the past. You might notice the softening of hearts as your brothers and sisters serve and care for each other. Perhaps you noticed the bag of groceries left on your neighbor’s front porch by an anonymous giver and the tears that welled up in her eyes as she carefully unpacked a loaf of bread, a quart of milk, fresh eggs and a box of sugar cookies. You might have observed the magnitude of this gesture between lovers: “I love you enough to stay away from you right now.” In sum, you might be noticing the raw manifestation of Love in full expression. In response, you might find yourself opening to all the possibilities of Love in ways you never felt before.

You might be thinking:

“What curious beings we are! Look at what happens when we choose Love! Everything about us softens. We thrive! We come together. We see ourselves as truly interdependently linked!”

You might see that when coming from Love—we remember who we are.

And an important part of this remembering is realizing that we are not separate—never have been. We are of the same Sonship.


But back to the invitation!

Here it is.

It is as if I have placed it into the palm of your hands.

Within the palpable throb of fear that accompanies this global pandemic:

What will you choose, dear One?

Will you choose Love or fear?

Beloved One, this invitation invites you to BE Love.

This invitation invites you to serve your brothers and sisters during this turbulent time from the space of Love.

This invitation invites you to comfort those suffering with the depth of compassion, empathy, and deep listening that Christ once offered the suffering and has always offered you.

Should you choose to accept this invitation and to navigate this strange terrain that we now find ourselves traversing from Love, I am also here to provide instructions. I wish to offer you some strategies for “staying in Love” when most others have chosen fear.

Strategies for Staying “In Love” During the Pandemic

Plug in each day and night.

Be uncompromising about this. Do not set your feet on the floor from bed unless and until you have “plugged into” the life force that is Love—that is God. Do this in whatever way feels best and most natural to you. Some of us plug in through prayer or meditation. Some of us plug in through affirmations. One powerful mode of plugging in is to say:

“May I be a living, breathing, walking, talking expression of the Love of God.”

Another powerful form of plugging in is to simply call upon me in this way:

“Holy Spirit—Light the way.”

Know that I am here for you. I am just waiting for you to let me in so that you might come into Divine partnership with me.

At night, set aside a few moments to reflect upon your day. Take inventory of the ways that your words, deeds, actions, and expressions were infused with Divinity. Marvel at how things evolve when you plug in make the choice for Love in all your affairs.

Sleep deeply. Allow yourself to be replenished and renewed as you sleep cradled in the warmth and protection of God’s Love all night long.

Sit with God. Listen.

Select several brief periods throughout your day to sit in silence. Let these prayer or mediation periods be more about “listening” to my guidance and accessing my Wisdom without striving, efforting, or “doing.” Simply come into the quiet and BE. Consider these periods of time “infusions” of God’s Light and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Increase your awareness of listening to and/or engaging in communication that is dramatizing, traumatizing, catastrophizing.

Become mindful of speaking and listening in ways that carry the energy of drama, trauma, or catastrophe. This includes being mindful of the sources you consult for information. For example, “fear energy” in media reports and in our conversations with others is a subtle, yet powerful way that Ego lures you back into the comfort of “fear.” Believe it or not, the fear state is comfortable to most because it is so familiar to you! Please know that engaging in fear-based communication is a fast track to suffering. When you engage in fear rhetoric, you officially “unplug” from the Light, Love, and the Way of God. Lost in the trance of fear, you forget who you are. Also, when plugged into fear, you might feel more connected to your brothers and sisters. Be very wary as this is false “joining.” The Truth is that when living from fear and engaging in fearful rhetoric, you cannot be more separated from your brothers and sisters.

Practice Self-Compassion.

Beloveds, your humanity and your Divinity float side by side right now. And this is okay. Commit to being enormously gentle with yourself when you are lured into the space of fear. The temptation to live in fear is pervasive right now. When you notice that you are living, relating, and communicating from fear, gently guide yourself back to Love much like you might guide a young puppy back into the yard after he has run away. Guide yourself back to Truth with the utmost tenderness with words like:

“Sweet one…come back to your home. Come back to where you belong. Come back to Love.”


What will my offering be?

No more playing around. No more dreaming about being the Light of God. No more trying to discern what your function is. All of this is clear. You are the Light of God. You need not do anything to earn the right to BE who you are. Your function is clear: traverse the pathway ahead in full Trust that you are an expression of God’s Light and Love. Become the Living Christ and as such, serve your brothers and sisters in this powerful way: BE Love so that they might remember who they are. Increased fear further clouds their vision. Do what you must to keep your own vision clear.

And now, more than ever, step boldly into your function as a Teacher of God.


Beloved, the time is NOW. You have been a student of A Course in Miracles for many years. Continue your studies, but it is now time to live the Truths that the Course teaches. Remain open to learning and growing, but I am inviting you to choose Love once and for all.

My tone might be strong and urgent but please know that above all else, I am only here to remind you of who you are. Dear One:

Your brothers and sisters need you now.

This invitation is truly a calling.

I am calling you to Love.

It is time, my Beloved.

It is time.


The Holy Spirit





Dr. Christine E. Kiesinger has been a student of A Course in Miracles for over two decades. She is a university professor, integrative wellness educator and a personal and professional development coach. Christine lectures extensively in the areas of communication, relationships, leadership and mindfulness. Regardless of topic area, all of Christine’s teachings are rooted in the fundamental principles of A Course in Miracles as she aims to be a living expression of the peace, grace and love of God.

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3 Comments on “The Invitation: The Call to Love in a Time of Fear”

  1. WOW! What a message to have channeled through you to all of us! Very grateful for you sharing this valuable communication! I do not hear long sentences like this from Spirit – I hear words, sometimes single or in short phrases. Last week while meditating, I heard the word “Annointed” very clearly – referring directly and personally to me. I then heard these words, directing me to “Step Into Your Holiness”. I cried – I was so moved. And with this very real communication, I am stepping out of my comfort zone during this unusual time and shining Light and Love in the world in many ways; during meditation, in written and verb communications; in all my dealings with people. Like you Christine, I am feeling quite certain of my purpose in the midst of the fear swirling around. And it feels good to answer the invitation to Love. Blessings to you. 🙂

  2. This is awesome Christine…thank you and Holy Spirit for this invitation… reminder of who we, I, truly am. The practical ideas presented are here for me to practice. I notice that this moment of time is bubbling fear to the surface for so many of our brothers, our sisters. I at times find myself falling into fear especially attacking my brothers with my thoughts for coming from the place that each is at right now. I accept this invitation to love again.
    Steve D

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