Triple Dare Challenge: Put Your Christ Vision Glasses and Do This

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One thing I have really learned in life is that whenever I think something is lacking in my life, the answer is ALWAYS to give more of whatever I think I am missing.

“Only what you are not giving can be lacking in any situation.” 
-A Course in Miracles

For example:

If I think I am lacking in love, 
I give love.

If I think I am lacking in peace, 
I give peace.

If I think I am lacking in money, 
I give money.

If I feel like I’m not praised and appreciated,
 I give praise and appreciation.

If I feel like no one cares about me, 
my work is to care about someone.

If I feel unsupported, I go support someone.

If I feel uninspired, 
I go inspire someone.

If I feel not encouraged, 
I go encourage someone.

If I want more light in my life, 
I give light.

Life is so simple. It always gives back to me exactly what I give.

Life is so simple. It always gives back to me exactly what I give. Click To Tweet

Exactly what I give

And I don’t know if this is good news or bad news: but life gives to me IN EXACT MEASURE the specific amount of how much I pour out and not anymore and not any less! It mirrors back to me exactly the amount I am extending.

I think it’s good news because I know that I am in charge of how much I receive. I decide. I choose. And since I have decided that I want a lot, I give a lot. I give everything because I want to receive everything!

So often we are waiting for life and for people to give to us … but remember from A Course in Miracles: there are no people. There is no world.

“What I see reflects what I think I am.” -A Course in Miracles

I love this because it means I can change my mind about myself and all the world I think I see changes accordingly.

I love the mind-training of A Course in Miracles because I’m always reminded there is another way of seeing.

I just need to shift my mindset and attitude and put my Christ vision glasses on!

Back in the day, back when I was depressed, angry, alcoholic, a complainer, a constant criticizer and with no money, back when I used to think of myself as a body: limited, weak, small, separate from others, separate from God, all I saw was a fearful world that did not appreciate me or love me. I saw a world where everyone was selfish, self-centered, judgmental, stingy and afraid.

When I changed my mind and saw myself as creative, brilliant, generous, pure light, innocent, holy, powerful, magnificent, radiant and I saw that everyone and everything was ONE WITH ME – AS ME – suddenly all I saw was a world where everyone is generous, brilliant, talented, sharing their gifts, uplifting others. Everything began sparkling and shining in loveliness and light.

So, here is a challenge for you:

Think of an area that is lacking in your life and begin giving exactly what you think is lacking.

Then double the amount! Give twice as much as you think you want.


If you think you’re lacking with a specific person, I double dare you to give to that person directly whatever you think is missing. Whatever you want from them, you go give it to them.

For example, if you think your husband or wife or kids don’t value you or don’t notice you, ask yourself: Do I value them? Do I express how much I love them and appreciate them? Go tell them.

If you think someone is being cheap with you, start giving to them specifically.

I want you to turn the tables around this week and start pouring out love and appreciation and generosity in their direction!

So often, we wait for others to give us what we think we want, hoping it arrives. Which by the way is NEVER because the world is only and always reflecting back to you your own state of mind.


Post in the comments below about a situation where you thought you were lacking and how you chose to see the situation or people and what you did and what you saw.

Write about how suddenly you saw your spouse or co-worker or child (or enemy!) in a whole new way and how you saw their brilliance and magnificence, things you couldn’t see before when you had your darkened separation glasses on!

For the Triple Challenge: POST ABOUT IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW – and then send them a link to come on over here so they can read how much they are making a difference in your life, so they can know how much you love them. Let them know what you see now that you are seeing them truly.

In the comment area, post as many details as possible about your situation along with your mind-set – before and after! – and what you began giving and how things changed for you.

Thank you so much for jumping in on this challenge to light this world up with love!

No more waiting for someone to tell you how awesome you are. Go tell them how awesome they are!

Let your cup runneth over.




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7 Comments on “Triple Dare Challenge: Put Your Christ Vision Glasses and Do This”

  1. Hello Lisa, I would love to do this and am excited. The only thing I am lacking in is health. How do I give that ?

    1. Hi Mariah, if you’ll scroll to the bottom of the page there are some more blog posts. I read the one titled One practice guaranteed to change your life. Maybe that’s a starting place for you. Namaste!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I can see how this helps with people we come together with regularly. But, I have a challenge that a few of my family members that I see rarely, ( weddings and funerals, sometime Christmas), can be judgemental and critical. I actually fear their presence, I fear being judged. I will not be able to avoid them in five months for an upcoming wedding for my daughter. But, I will try to continue to see their innocence, to see the light in them. Over the past few years since doing the Course in Miracles, there has been an improvement in our relationships. I like the line in the course: “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”

  3. Hola Lisa <3
    I immediately thought: how am I going to give double or triple of money I do not actually have with me? And it just came to me while writing (whining): Give it to the Holy Spirit and let God.
    A huge hug!

  4. Dear Lisa,
    A couple of years ago I decided to forgive my husband on the level The Couse instructs. I had been holding his mistakes too close to my ego and making him pay for his so called shortcomings. Upon forgiving him by seeing him as suffering from the fear of separation and putting it out there without expectations, my husband became happier and very much ready to have meaningful conversation (that didn’t last 5 minutes). I would giggle with joy and gratitude for this seemingly successful experiment. He had no idea what I had done or the HS had done through me. We are currently working through our projections of each other together and it’s hard but the more I trust the course the easier it gets.

  5. Hi, Lisa!!!
    i’m lacking in patience to get through the” humdrum” of the daily tasks!
    I will go for it and give it twice more patience!!!
    Thanks for your love!!

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