Understanding Awareness

understanding awareness

Into the truth is a necessary passage for anyone who is truly looking for God (The kingdom of Heaven or enlightenment in this world).

Two of our greatest teachers in history and examples of this statement would be Jesus and the Buddha.

Jesus gave a couple of examples for us in the writings found in the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1949 which corroborate with the Bible stories and the ideas offered here.

I have heard from some people this is a time of letting go. For others it’s a time of losing weight or just getting healthy.

This is my own intention as I travel to the Portugal portion of the Camino with many others, (22 in our group) each with his or her own curriculum in this journey called life. Others are on the pursuit of peace, happiness or perhaps answers to some of our deepest inquiries. Whatever it’s for, it promises to be transformational and it’s going to be good.

Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. This sounded nearly impossible to his followers at the time, they were very confused by such a statement. Why would he make such a statement as this?

And how could I make such a statement as ‘Total immersion Into the truth is a necessary passage for anyone who is truly looking for God (the Kingdom of Heaven or enlightenment in this world)?”

Because most men and women are so preoccupied with the external world and life experiences, protection of the body, pursuit of happiness or just plain survival that they stay completely focused on the world, the flesh and the pleasures of the world.

Understanding Awareness

If you have a lot of things in the world like a rich man or women do it can be very difficult to take your attention off of the external and have real devotion to experience what God really is and essentially discovery and to know what you really are. This sounds right, yes?

Another great example Jesus gave you is the story of the kingdom of heaven and how it is like a treasure hidden in a field which a man found and in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys the field so he can have the treasure.

This indicates that there was nothing more important in his life that he wasn’t willing to let go or get rid of in order to have the treasure that he found on the land.

So, this is our story and the reasons why, if we are serious about accessing the kingdom of heaven or enlightenment we must pay attention to these ideas and especially the idea that I’m offering you and my talk today in this video I feel is essential to understand and follow if this is your path.

Awareness is the means by which one knows thy self. It is a requirement of enlightenment. - Bill Free Click To Tweet

If your highest desire is to awaken to the truth and experience the kingdom of heaven or enlightenment now, in this lifetime, for yourself, then please follow the ideas offered in this video for yourself and see what you discover in your own immersion experience.

Thank you for joining with me and many others who are joining on this great pilgrimage of transformation and Awareness.

Are you committing to this idea of Awareness? Please let me know in the comments below.

Bueno Camino,


Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation

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  1. Thank you for sharing your time and yourself and your experience and what is a Camino? First image I have is an El Camino

  2. Thank you Bill. With a death of a young friend and the birth of my grand niece all in one day was an unbelievable roller coaster of joy and sadness until I remembered my Christ vision and saw only love and peace in both situations. Our awareness is boundless. Again thank you.

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