Unleash the Power of Your Deepest Love & Understanding

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Originally published on: January 18, 2017.

They say ‘seeing is believing’ but in a lot of cases, it’s actually the believing that enables the seeing!

Sometimes you just cannot see (or hear) what is right in front of you. Sometimes its an opportunity and sometimes it’s even something you are looking for. However, it just doesn’t register! The official name for these mental blind spots is Schotoma and they are strongly linked to our beliefs. J.D. Meier’s article, “In the book, Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement and Tony Robbins talks about schotomas.

There is a lot of Truth to this statement and ironically I feel there is something overlooked in the analysis. It is Asking. Yes, asking the invisible realm within the Heart. The place where Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness and Quiet Awareness are attended and always waiting to be Acknowledged to spring forth like the Sun bursting through the clouds.

We all have on demand access to this realm… watch my video describing how I do it and how to get out of your own way.

Download the video transcript.

We have access to this, faster than you can operate a TV remote or even faster than pressing the send button for an email.

This something called The Holy Spirit, Buddha Nature, The Self, Higher Self, God Awareness, Infinite Intelligence to name a few.

The one I love the most depersonalizes this connection; I call it my Deepest Love and Understanding. This brings it right into Me as Pure Presence the Me as God created Me.

Can you work with that?

Pick one of the names above or fill in your own blank with a name that feels suitable to you. Hold this connection in your heart (this is for you, please take the time for you) and join me as I share two easy steps to this life changing insight.

For this experience, right now tell the mind to be still.  You have this power, now use it.

Step 1. Quietly say Peace be still and with eyes closed.

Step 2. Acknowledge the Quiet place in the mind I call Quiet Awareness.

Like the Sky You are unaffected by the clouds that go by and like the movie screen you are completely unaffected by the movie.

In this Quiet Awareness you have left the world and you are transported into the Eternal Present as Pure light. What you are is beyond words, beyond thoughts, emotions, personal data, time and space or even feelings. This is your connection with your Deepest Love and Understanding. This is your Divine Nature, Your Birth right. Stay here as long as you want and come back often to remember your connection to the You you have always been looking for and maybe didn’t believe it because you were hiding from it.

They say ‘seeing is believing’ but in a lot of cases, it’s actually the believing that enables the seeing. Click To Tweet

Question: Has this exercise been helpful for you? Let me know… I’d love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below.

Also, please pass this on to others if you think it can help them.

Love from our One Heart.







Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation

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2 Comments on “Unleash the Power of Your Deepest Love & Understanding”

  1. once again brother, thank you. woke this morning unsettled and had difficulty resting quietly into my practice with today’s lesson – troubled by my children’s suffering. your blog replay here brought me back. your sharing here is accepted with deep gratitude. my Inner Teacher has once again reached me through you. endless Love, nicci

  2. Thank you Bill, the Deepest Love and Understanding helps so much in addressing that part and I was really struggling with all of the terms I had been using. so grateful to you and Lisa for all that you offer to make us Whole again! I love you, Jill

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