You are the Christ, I am the Christ

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Jesus leads the way to the Truth and the Light and this is Christmas…

THANK YOU our brother and friend. We love you.

I had a talk last week and one of the things that came from the talk is my favorite thing about Christmas, on a Fun! physical plane: CHRISTMAS COOKIES! Yum!!!!!

I just love them… and I love the red and green colors and poinsettias. It just seems to usher in a very playful and heart opening experience for many beings around the world. (I use and like “beings” because it describes our true state).

On a metaphysical plane this year has a very high vibration for me. It feels like there is great! movement around the world in the Awakening.

A friend of mine posted on my wall last week this beautiful tarantula sitting in her hand. I thought, “I wouldn’t do that… Wow! You really are fearless.” It turns out it had molted (left the skin) and looked like it was as real and still there as ever. I really thought it was…

We who are NOT these bodies also have the ability to shed the personal self-identity that keeps us trapped in believing this is what we are. In fact, we must do this in the transformation and resurrection into  Christ realization. We will look like we are the same but inside the old self has left. We are the Christ and Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Awareness of Christ in all of us. In this Born again experience old things are passed away all things become NEW. You are a NEW creature in Christ.

We are pure Light Beings…

I’m going to invite you to realize this in your own mind right now!

This is the Christ experience. Dissolving into the Source and what we truly are as PURE LIGHT.

Sure you can still have fun! And all the Christmas goodies but let’s use the power of our Christ Mind to shed the old self and be raised into the power and experience of Pure Presence. This is what you are…

You are Christ born this day.

You are Perfect Peace, the Fire of God within and the Self.

Pause with me here: Put your hand on your sacred heart.

And say to yourself:

“I am Christ. I am Pure light.”

“This is my resurrection and birth into full Awareness as Christ I am.”

And so it is.

Know this in your heart and give yourself this gift every day in this coming New Year and beyond.

Merry CHRISTmas.

I’ll see you out there.

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Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation

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